Chakras - Filling Your 3rd Eye Chakra
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Chakras - Filling Your 3rd Eye Chakra

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Filling Your 3rd Eye Chakra

Your Chakras

This audio is one in a series of 7 audios for Filling Your Chakras, 7 to 1, and compliments my other audios for chakras.

My chakra audios include the main audio which is Flowing Pure Consciousness through your Chakras 12 to 1, and to Earth Star and looping back up to Pure Consciousness.

I also have 4 audios for Unblocking, Opening and Activating Your Chakras 12 to 1, working on three chakras in each audio. These are powerful audios to release any blockages in your chakras so that Pure Consciousness can flow through them freely, connecting you to your gifts and abilities for each chakra. 

You can find more information about unblocking your chakras on these links below, and you can purchase all 4 audios below as a bundle.

Unblocking, Opening & Activating Chakras 12, 11, 10

Unblocking, Opening & Activating Chakras 9, 8, 7

Unblocking, Opening & Activating Chakras 6, 5, 4

Unblocking, Opening & Activating Chakras 3, 2, 1

6th Chakra -3rd Eye Chakra (Pineal Gland)

Our 3rd eye chakra, connecting to our Pineal Gland, is known to be our psychic sight, so seeing outside of human vision and other psychic abilities outside of our human five senses. 

Fluoride is known to calcify and blocks the 3rd eye chakra and pineal gland, and since fluoride is put in some drinking water supplies and toothpaste, this chakra is very blocked in most people. 

If you wish to enhance your psychic abilities and psychic sight in particular, then you do need to unblock, open and activate your 6th chakra. (Having fluoride free toothpaste and water is recommended to prevent on going blocking. )

Energy Work - Filling Your 3rd Eye Chakra

The energy work on this audio is Cosmos Filling Your 3rd Eye Chakra with the following Pure Energies and flowing these energies to and through your 3rd Eye Chakra.

  • Pure Peace
  • Pure Stillness
  • Pure Love
  • Pure Light
  • Pure Truth 
  • Pure Wisdom

This filling is repeated on the audio for 3 minutes. 

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 3 mins

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