Filling & Floating into Pure Light
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Filling & Floating into Pure Light

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Powerful Filling & Floating with Pure Light to Raise Your Frequency

This audio will fill your energy field and whole being with lots of vibrations of Pure Light, whilst Floating you into higher and higher vibrations. Being in the highest vibration possible in each moment is our desired outcome and this is the place where Divine Flow and miracles happen!


This is a very powerful audio, which can be used to:

  • Clear the energy in a room
  • Clear the energy around you when you are out and about
  • Raise your vibration into Higher Realms
  • Clear out energies after doing releasing work
  • Fill with Pure Light Energy
  • Feel Light and Floaty!


Many people do lots of releasing and clearing energy work, but forget that we need to also Fill with Pure and Divine Energies to keep us feeling good and raising our vibration.

When we release dark and unwanted energy we need to replace it with good energy, allowing the Law of Attraction to work for us.

Playing this powerful audio on loop will start to fill your energy field with Divine Light and raise your vibration, which helps to repel dark and lower energies as well as keeping you feeling Light and connected to your Divine guidance.

Playing this audios will also raise the vibration of the room you are in if you play it continuously on loop, so can be used to help clear a room, or raise the energy of a room of people that feels low and heavy, so a great audio for offices especially where there is bad atmosphere!

A must have for everyone doing energy work and raising their vibration!



This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are "Floating, Floating, Floating, Filling with Pure Light" repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering.

The 'Floating' on this audio feels beautiful to listen to and really does raise your vibration and have you feeling so much lighter and freer!

Layering: Multi-layered and echo through the left and right headphones enhances the audio and increases it's power.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 4 mins

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