Filling & Floating into Pure Joy & Pure Abundance
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Filling & Floating into Pure Joy & Pure Abundance

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Raise Your Frequency with this Powerful Audio Combination of

Pure Joy & Pure Abundance

Have you ever noticed how happy, carefree people seem to have more good luck? 

By the Law of Attraction we attract our most dominant energy stored in us, so if you don't feel joy and abundance then these will not be your dominant energies. If you have been brought up on 'lack and poverty' sayings and thinking then there will be your dominant energy.

Even after doing releasing work to get rid of the negative and damaging thoughts, beliefs, patterns and energies that have created lack, poverty and unhappiness, we still need to have the good energies there to attract the good to us.

The more you fill your energy with the Pure energy that you desire, then by the Law of Attraction, the more you will attract this energy to you!

The words are very simple on both audios, but the energy is very powerful and you may feel light-headed when you listen! You can play these audios on loop to really fill up your energy field, but do start of listening just once and build it up slowly, as this is very high frequency energy work. The audios will also work on silent, so you can leave them playing on loop in the background, once you are used to listening to them, or add them to playlists with other audios. They will work well with my Releasing or Disconnecting from Lack of Wealth Audios

Filling & Floating into Pure Abundance

  • Filling with Pure Abundance
  • Floating into Pure Abundance
  • Feeling Pure Abundance
  • Floating, Floating, Floating

Filling & Floating into Pure Joy

  • Filling with Pure Joy
  • Floating into Pure Joy
  • Feeling Pure Joy
  • Floating, Floating, Floating

Both audios have soft echo and repeat on the Pure Joy / Pure Abundance and Floating,
Floating, Floating, fading in and out of the left and right headphones, adding extra energy and power to the audio and enhances your listening when listen through headphones.

A must have for everyone doing energy work and raising their vibration! 



The 'Floating' on this audio feels beautiful to listen to and really does raise your vibration and have you feeling so much lighter and freer!

Layering: Multi-layered and echo through the left and right headphones enhances the audio and increases it's power.

Silent backing tracks to clear away any releasing energies, so you are able to feel and enjoy the Pure energies flowing to you!

Length: Approx 4 mins, mp3 download

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