Filling With Divine Energies - 7 Audio Package
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Filling With Divine Energies - 7 Audio Package

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Raise Your Frequency with Divine Energies!

Feel uplifted, happier, more peaceful and like you're living in a higher realm with these Divine Filling Audios.



Filling With Divine Energies - 7 Audio Package 

You cannot attract to you what you do not have! Filling with Divine Energies increases the amount of Divine in your energy so you are able to attract more Divine Good and Divine Flow to you!

This package includes:

One long audio with All of the Divine Filling recordings

PLUS 6 individual Divine Transmissions to fill the whole of your:

  • MIND
  • BODY
  • SOUL

The individual Divine audios are around 4-5 minutes long, so they are easy to listen to when you are needing some kind of boost.


Filling With Divine Love

Feeling unloved is such a big issue for many of us and lack of self-love is so common. This audio will help to fill you with feelings of Love for You, Others and Your Whole Life.


Filling With Divine Peace

Life happens! So when you're having one of those tough days and feeling a little stressed, or have your mind going around in circles and getting nowhere, then this is just what you need! You can really feel the Divine Peace filling and calming your mind and whole being. It's amazing!


Filling With Divine Joy

Many of us have a tendency to be over serious! So when you've lost your sense of humour or are needing more fun and joy in your life then listen to this audio and feel your energy Lighten!


Filling With Divine Wisdom

Wanting more answers or not understanding life? Would you like a better answers to your questions? Then filling with Divine Wisdom will help you with these issues.


Filling With Divine Truth

Filling with Divine Truth will give you a stronger connection to your soul and knowing what is Truth and what is not. If you are wishing to move forwards with your spiritual ascension then this audio will open you up to receiving and knowing Divine Truth.


Filling With Divine Light

If you are feeling attacked or in need of protection then fill with Divine Light. This is a very powerful audio as Divine Light is a very powerful energy!


Filling With All Divine Energies

This recording will fill you with all of the DivineEnergies as mentioned above. It is a much longer audio, around 30 minutes long and is ideal to listen when you would like a deep relaxation and to connect to and feel Divine Energies. So next time you feel like a meditation try filling with all of the Divine Energies instead and see how amazing you feel!


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Michelle's healing audios

I have several of Michelle's healing audios now and I'm really loving them and beginning to see a difference in my life for the better!
Michelle is always there to offer advice and support along the way!
Thankyou!🙏 🤗🥰