Empath - 3 Audio Package
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Empath - 3 Audio Package

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  • 3 Powerful Audios that Can Change Your Life!

  • Seriously, being crowds, out shopping will be transformed

  • How much of what you feel is yours, or others?



Are You Empathic?

Do you constantly pick up thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies from other people, which leave you feeling drained and unable to enjoy your own life?

Life can be very challenging, so these audios are such a blessing and relief! You will be amazed how much easier your life and every day tasks like shopping and being in crowds will be!

These audio releases have been written by an empath, myself and tried and tested to work! They really reduce the amount of energies you pick up from others, allowing your mind to be calm and giving you a sense of peace. This gives your over worked body a chance to finally do some recharging! So overall you feel more like you able to live your life as YOU! Priced to be affordable to all, to help those in need, made with Pure Love to help You.

Empath - 3 Audio Package 

Audio Release - Everything that Is Not Me

This is a short audio which releases all thoughts, feelings, emotions and low vibrations that are not you. It is deceptively powerful, especially when played on loop. Empaths are constantly picking up other people‰۪s energies, so this audio played with no volume during the day will reduce the energies you pick up from others, allowing you to feel more peaceful and able to live your life as you. If you have found you are unable to protect yourself from picking up other people‰۪s energies then these releases are ideal for you.

Audio Release - Your Infinite Being

This audio has been written to release all thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are not yours & all energies influencing or affecting you that are not yours. It also releases other beliefs, patterns and programming that have made you feel weird or wrong for what you have felt during your life, leading to feelings of despair and depression. As empaths are constantly picking up the emotions of others, it is recommended that this audio is played as often as possible, and can be played on loop, either with the volume low or turned down. The energy releases will still work even when the release cannot be heard, so playing it overnight is an excellent way to wake up with a feeling of stillness and a peaceful mind.

Audio Release - Angel of Love Release to Stillness

This release is very powerful. It is longer than most other audios on this site, with lots of releasing throughout out, but also releasing to be still in the "Moment of Now" and to enjoy this stillness, to expand your heart to "Feel Love" from Source for yourself and to release all energies preventing you from "Feeling this Stillness". Although the word meditation has been used a few times during the audio, this isn't an actual meditation, it is releasing energies from the whole of your energy field, to reach a state of stillness and enjoy that moment of stillness. It ends with The Angel of Love filling you to overflowing with Pure Love and sending you blessings to share your happiness with others. This is an ideal audio to listen to when life is overwhelming, when your head is spinning and you just don't know what to do! The sense of stillness is quite amazing and took me by surprise! Also, good to listen to unwind before sleeping or before any important meeting or life event where you will perform better from a calm state of being! I know it's my product, but I truly highly recommend it!

These audios are mp3 downloads

If you would like to work very deeply, then check out my Shift the Frequency - Empath audios, working to release and remove the frequency of addictions from your energy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Recommended if you are an empath.

Recommended if you are an empath.
I feel lighten up after listening to it at the end of a busy day; it's like a companion for me now I can trust and have support.
Thank you Michelle

I am free now!

Don't even want to remember what life was like before the Empath Audios! Now when I am out, especially when driving, I know what I feel is MY stuff! No more feeling suffocated and overwhelmed. I am FREE! Much Love and Gratitude to you, Michelle!!!

They make me feel like nothing bad is going to happen to me.

I bought the mercury retrograde, full moon releasing, physical body, and empath audios. I love them all! I listen to them everyday, and then I loop the divine protection/releasing/mercury retrograde audios. They make me feel like nothing bad is going to happen to me. Thank you for your wonderful work

Robina Akther
I couldn't without these audios now.

Thank you so much for the empath audios and stress audio. I found them really helpful, and when I listen to them I find I do have a lot more confidence and feel a lot better, but you have to make sure you listen to them every day to make a difference. I feel they have made a difference to my life, thank you so much Michelle for all the help, I couldn't without these audios now.