Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms
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Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms

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A must have for all releasing work, especially releasing dark energies!

A powerful and truly amazing audio.  I highly recommend it for anyone doing energy work. It is a great starting audio and really makes the process of energy work so much easier and more enjoyable!


Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms

This audio has been designed to disconnect you from all the energies that cause and create 'Releasing Symptoms or a Healing Crisis'

This is disconnecting you from the Matrix that is causing these symptoms or healing crisis and making it more intense to do releasing energy work. 


This audio really is for everyone and I highly recommend that everyone uses this audio before listening to any of my other audios, so it is a great starting place if you are new to my work and is an essential for all releasing and disconnecting energy work.

Having experienced many releasing symptoms myself, it has been a priority to find a way for people to do powerful energy work without feeling the energies leave, and this audio is it!


  • You will feel less releasing energies and healing crisis the more you listen to this audio
  • You will be able to do more energy work and feel less of it leaving
  • You will be able to increase the power of the energy work you are doing without having an increase in releasing energies


The audio will disconnect you from the energies that are causing and creating releasing symptoms, healing crisis and excessively feeling the energies as they leave when you do releasing and powerful energy work. The energies do need to physically leave your body and energy field so you will still feel some sensations; the purpose of this audio is to disconnect you from feeling the really nasty and intense sensations, either physical or emotional that people can experience when doing powerful energy work, especially when releasing dark energies.

You will notice that as you disconnect more and more, you will feel the negative impact of energies releasing less and less, which can only be good! The more you listen the quicker you will be feel free from feeling the energies leave. This audio has several layers of silent multi-layering backing tracks to ensure you don't feel any symptoms as the disconnecting work is being done, but it is still recommended that you start slowly and build up your listening as everyone has unique energy and will respond differently.


Low Volume: 'Filling with Pure Love' on low volume fading in and out of your headphones

Silent: several layers of silent multi-layering backing tracks to ensure you don't feel any symptoms as the disconnecting work is being done.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 9 1/2 mins

My Clearing Audios

If you're not sure which Clearing audio is right for you then here is a short summary about them to help you decide!

Super Clearing, Float Clear Transmission Or Disconnecting From Releasing?

Audios Super Clearing Transmission and Float Clear do the same thing, but in a slightly different way. The Super Clearing is sending the energies to source so you don't feel them, Float Clear is raising (floating) you above these energies so you don't feel them. Both are good, so it is personal preference, Float Clear is newer than the Super Clearing.

Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms is similar but it is also Disconnecting you from any matrixes, grids and webs that are causing and creating these releasing symptoms and healing crisis etc. So long term this is tackling the root cause rather than fixing it in the moment which the other two audios are doing, so this is the newest and most powerful, but you may have some releasing when you first listen to until the disconnecting has taken place.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I love it 💚

I put it on loop along with other Michelle audios .I no longer feel releasing symptoms .I feel lighter and sleep soundly.
Much Gratitude Michelle.

I feel such a relieve its just amazing all this weight from this week is lifted in one "wash"

I did the the new disconnecting from releasing symptoms now and I feel such a relieve its just amazing all this weight from this week is lifted in one "wash" ;) i can sleep now. thank you so much!

So useful

I noticed I've been able to do a lot more energy work without feeling bogged down with releasing systems since I got this audio. If I do feel releasing symptoms, this takes care of them quickly and easily.