Disconnecting from Lack of Wealth
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Disconnecting from Lack of Wealth

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Are you totally fed up of lack and not having enough?

Read on, this audio was designed for you!


"If you have tried everything to have better finances and flowing abundance and this is still an issue for you then you need to disconnect from these global matrixes, grids and webs that are keeping you trapped in lack."



Disconnecting from Lack of Wealth

Designed to Disconnect you from all matrixes , grids, webs that are keeping you stuck in lack, struggle and unable to attract, earn or have flowing abundance.


This audio really is for everyone who is experiencing issues with money, finances and lack of wealth! There is so much mind programming with lack and struggle and so many matrixes and grids that keep you stuck:

  • Family, Generational, Country energy that link you into lack matrixes
  • Hidden religious beliefs that money is evil, vows of poverty, guilt and issues with receiving
  • Hidden matrixes that stop people with high morals and integrity receiving and earning money
  • Matrix and grids that keep us stuck in repetitive patterns that we can't break free from


The audio will disconnect you from:

  • Matrixes, grids and webs of lack
  • Mind Programs & beliefs causing lack
  • Sabotage causing lack and preventing flowing abundance
  • Subliminal Programming
  • Hidden energies working to stop you from receiving flowing Pure Abundance

This is powerful energy work to disconnect you from all global matrixes, grids and webs that are causing lack and struggle in your life.

The audio starts and ends with powerful Filling Energy Work to raise your vibration and keep your energy filled with Pure Energies. There is lots of Floating Energy Work throughout the audio so the Disconnecting can be done easily and to keep your vibration high after the disconnecting work has been done.

'Money can't buy happiness, but being free of financial stress really raises your vibration and feels so good!.'


Main track with two 'echo' tracks fading into and out of your left and right headphones.

The audio has layers of silent backing tracks to:

  • Clear the releasing energies direct to source so you don't feel them
  • Work on deeper layers of your energy going through all time, space and dimensions
  • Fill and Floating you into the vibration or Pure Abundance!


Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 11 mins

If you would like to work very deeply, then check out my Shift the Frequency - Lack audios, working to release and remove the frequency of addictions from your energy.

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