Disconnecting from Fear
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Disconnecting from Fear

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- Don't let fear dictate how you live your life

- Releasing fear raises your frequency!

- Be FREE to live the life you choose!


Disconnecting from Fear

When we are in fear we are not choosing our life, we are just reacting to the fear. To have control over your life, feel happy, live in freedom then you need to be free of fear.

The audio will disconnect you from:

  • Matrixes, grids and webs of fear
  • Mind Programs, patterns, beliefs and all energies causing and creating fear
  • Fears, phobias and panic for whatever issue you focus on whilst listening to the audio

Whatever your fear you will feel better without it and more in control of yourself. We all have some fear that we either know about or is hidden deep inside of us. Just focus on one fear or phobia at a time and notice how they disappear!

  • Spiders, rats, snakes
  • Flying, heights, falling
  • Public speaking, being seen, expressing yourself
  • Being attacked, ridiculed, bullied
  • War, terrorism and global issues 


Designed to Disconnect you from all matrixes , grids, webs that are keeping you stuck in fears, phobias, panic and anxiety. We know that these fears are irrational, but when they take hold, then they do just that, take a hold of us and we are under their control.

There are global grids, matrixes and webs for all energies, so when you are gripped with fear you are actually connecting to and feeling the fear of the world matrix, so that does explain why it feels so terrifying and why it is so hard to talk yourself out of it!

When there is global fear going on with wars, politics etc then this fear spreads easily and we can be drawn into feeling fear when we normally would not. When we disconnect from the global fear matrix, we are in control of our energy and feelings not so mass of energy outside of us!

"Don't be dragged into feeling 'global fear', disconnect and be in control of your energy!"

When you disconnect from the matrix of fears then you are not only helping yourself but also the global consciousness, as each person disconnecting will reduce the size and power of these damaging matrixes.


This audio really is for everyone. We all have some kind of fear, sometimes we are very aware of it as it is really affecting our life, but sometimes we have buried it, hoping that we can escape it. Problem is that buried energy does pop up when we least expect it and want it, so have total freedom and peace of mind and disconnect from any fears you have, known or deeply hidden and feel more peace and harmony in your life.


Main track with two 'echo' tracks fading into and out of your left and right headphones.

The audio has layers of silent backing tracks to:

  • Clear the releasing energies direct to source so you don't feel them
  • Work on deeper layers of your energy going through all time, space and dimensions
  • Fill and Floating you into the vibration of Pure Peace & Stillness

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 11 mins

If you would like to work very deeply to remove all frequencies of fear from your energy then do check out my new audios - Shift the Frequency - Fear

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
What a difference it has made!

March has been so stressful for me!  The loss of my job, preparing to move, health issues, job interviews, etc.

This week, I’ve been looping “Disconnecting from Fear” at very low volume around the clock. What a difference it has made! I am still feeling a bit stressed but am able to keep perspective and not get hysterical or confused. 

Thank you so much, Michelle, for the wonderful work you do for all of us. I am so very grateful. 

Next week, I plan on looping “Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness”.  I know it is just what is needed. 

Sending much love and gratitude,

Must Have

This audio is so very calming and wonderful to free us from fear on all levels, including ones we didnt even know were at play. Wonderful for everyone, it really does help all areas of life.

Gift to yourself

This really worked well to remove sudden feelings of fear and anxiety including huge discomfort in the heart area ... something I experienced two days ago. Was calm, peaceful and happy again shortly. Thanks Michelle!


This is great for when I'm feeling anxiety or fear. It's very soothing, and takes the edge off immediately.