Disconnecting from Addictions
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Disconnecting from Addictions

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Don't let an addiction destroy your relationships or your life.

This audio will disconnect you from all matrixes , grids, webs that are keeping you stuck in an addiction and addictive behaviour.



Disconnecting from Addictions

So many people have addictions these days and stopping them goes deeper than will power because of the energetic power that comes from being a part of an addictive matrix, which connects you to the energy or everyone else in the world with the same addiction.

This audio will disconnect you from everyone else's addictive energy so you are free from these matrixes and grids that are stopping you from give up your addictions. It will then release the addictive patterns and energies from you so these energies are no longer affecting you and your life.

"We are our energy and all that energy is connected, so disconnect from all energy that is not serving you and your desires."


This audio really is for anyone who has an addiction or addictive pattern that they don't want, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Smoking
  • Sugar
  • Food
  • Gambling
  • Caffeine
  • Work
  • Any other addictive behaviour you have


Powerful energy work to disconnect you from the magnetic effect of other people's addictive energy and all grids, matrixes and webs for addictions. For some, giving up an addiction can be nearly impossible and if you understand the magnetic power of energy and energy grids then it is not surprising at all! When you have disconnected from all this magnetic energy working against you, then releasing your own energy for the addiction will be so much easier to do!

The audio will disconnect you from:

  • Matrixes, grids and webs of addiction
  • The energy of everyone else who has the addiction as you
  • All addictive energies stored in your energy


Main track with two 'echo' tracks fading into and out of your left and right headphones.

The audio has layers of silent backing tracks to:

  • Clear the releasing energies direct to source so you don't feel them
  • Work on deeper layers of your energy going through all time, space and dimensions
  • Fill and Floating you into the vibration of Pure Love

So many addictions actually start from not feeling loved as a child, that it is really important to fill with love and address the root cause of the addiction. Pure Love does have a magical power, if we are not feeling this power then we need to add more Pure Love into our energy.

Audio - mp3 download, approx length10 mins

If you would like to work very deeply, then check out my Shift the Frequency - Addictions audios, working to release and remove the frequency of addictions from your energy.


I must say I am blown away by your addiction audio. It is my favourite by far.
When you say heaven, the way you say it. I feel it. This morning before I even listened to it, and I heard your voice heaven bought me such peace. 

Please know Michelle that you are making such a difference in peoples lives." Much Love.,  Alexis  

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