Cosmos Filling with Pure Light & Truth
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Cosmos Filling with Pure Light & Truth

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Raise Your Frequency

Pure Light & Truth


Cosmos Filling with Pure Light & Truth

This Cosmos Filling with Pure Light Audio fills your energy and raises your frequency!

Listening to this audio through headphones will make this audio more powerful and really fill your energy with Pure Light frequencies and raise your overall frequency, speeding up your ascension!

Adding this audio to your Shift the Frequency Audios will keep your frequency high between listening to those releasing and disconnecting audios, which makes the shifting out of the low and unwanted energies easier. 

This audio can also be played on loop, so if you feel you are lacking in the Pure Light, discernment or feeling Truth energy then keep this looping so you can fill any Pure Light & Truth void with these energies and feel good!

Benefits of Filling with Pure Light & Truth

Pure Light raises our frequency and helps to keep us protected and safe.

Pure Light and Truth are the frequencies that give us discernment and that kick the gut feeling when something is wrong or someone is not good for us. 

The more our energy is filled with Pure Light and Truth, the easier it is to follow our intuition and be guided on our highest and easiest path through life, feeling connected to our Divine Purpose and Divinely guided. 

Raising Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is so important because not only does it align us to the frequency of attracting good and manifesting our desires to us, but it also protects us against lower energies and really protects us.

When your frequency is really high, it will repel lower energies and frequencies from you, so it is the best protection you can have, as well as feeling so good to be living in a high frequency.

About This Audio

The audio is very simple and clear in intention.

It repeats the words "Cosmos Filling with Pure Light & Truth" throughout the audio

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 3 mins

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