Connecting to Your Soul - 3 Audio Package
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Connecting to Your Soul - 3 Audio Package

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Our Soul Connection is our connection to the invisible world, to our spiritual guidance, the Angels, Divine Energies and Divine Truth.

It is our inner guidance and it keeps us on a Divine Path.



If you desire to be happy, truly happy - the happy for no reason happy feeling that makes you want to sing and dance, just because you feel happy, then you need to connect with your soul and 'Let Your Soul Shine and Feel the Love and Power of the Universe' support you to follow your true destiny. 

 Connecting You to Your Soul - 3 Audio Package

These audios are mp3 downloads


Audio Release - Releasing Your Soul Barriers

You have probably heard of heart barriers that stop us fully connecting with our heart and feelings, but did you know that we also have barriers preventing us from connecting to our souls? To easily feel, hear, see messages from our guidance we need to have an open soul connection so the messages can flow easily between us and our guidance. The more open you connection to your soul then the easier it is to communicate with your guidance, the Angels and to discern and know the Truth.

This audio uses Divine Love to release the barriers that are preventing you from Feeling Your Soul and Feeling Connected to Your Soul.

Length: Approx 3 mins 30s

Audio Release - Release & Fill Your Soul with Divine Love

Once we have removed and released any barriers around our soul, we then need to release all energies that are preventing us from connecting with our soul. Since we have been disconnected from our souls for such a long time, it feels so good to fill our souls up with Pure Divine Love, allowing their newly awaken aliveness to flow through our hearts, so we are able to really feel our soul connection so much better. The more Love we have in our souls and hearts the easier it is for us to connect with our soul.

This audio releases the energies stopping you from connecting to your soul and fills you and your soul with Pure Love so you can feel your soul connection.

Length: Approx 3 mins 30s

Audio Release - Connecting to Your Soul

This audio guides you through a process to connect to your soul, to feel the love from your soul and to ask for guidance. To feel the aliveness of our spirits and to feel excited about our soul path and life purpose. Filling your soul, heart, mind the whole of your body and the whole of your being with Divine Love will give you a strong connection to your soul.

The more you listen, the more effective this audio will be. Each experience will bring different and exciting feelings! Learn to feel, allow yourself to trust, listen to answers and to have an inner knowing that you are connected to your soul and are supported by Divine Love and the Universe.

Length: Approx 5 mins 30s

If you would like to fill more deeply, then check out my Raise Your Frequency - 

Cosmos filling your Soul with Pure Light & Truth Audio.

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