Cleansing Your Energy Field - 4 Audio Package
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Cleansing Your Energy Field - 4 Audio Package

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Do You Cleanse Your Energy Daily?

We wash & clean our teeth and bodies everyday, twice a day for our teeth, so what about our energy fields - do you cleanse your energy field twice a day?

If your answer is no then imagine the state your teeth would be in at the end of a year if you didn't clean them every day - yuk!!


So now back to your energy field, what kind of state do you think it is in? Not good, for sure! Imagine what a 2 minute a day am and pm cleanse could do for your energy and how much this will improve your energy and life.

After all, we do attract what is stored in us, so don't we need to give it more attention!

This package has been designed to help you cleanse your energy field from all the yuk that has built up and to keep it clean each day.

Our energy is so much more powerful than our human bodies so it is really important that we look after our energy every day. If you desire to have a great life filled with Effortless Flow, Abundance, Love, Joy & Peace then you need to cleanse your energy field regularly.

Listening to these audios is the quickest, easiest and a very powerful way to cleanse your energy each day as well as working on shifting the old unwanted stored energies through your life, past lives and even back to the beginning of creation! (so do go slowly with that one!) This package will release more layers each time you listen and will last you a lifetime. 

Cleansing Your Energy Field - 4 Audio Package

These audios are mp3 downloads


Cleansing Your Energy Field - Daily AM

This is a short release ( 1min 17 secs) so there is no excuse of not having time to listen to it! But is very powerful, releasing all energies that you have picked up during the night, filling with Divine Energies and filling your day with High Vibes & magical surprises! This audio has been designed to be listened to first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Cleansing Your Energy Field - Daily PM

Again, this is a short release ( 1min 17 secs) short release, just over 1 minute, to be played at the end of the day before you go to sleep. A very powerful audio releasing all energies that you have picked up during the day that are not yours and sending direct to source and filling with Divine Energies. Asking that you have a peaceful night's sleep and awaken feeling refreshed and full of vitality.

Cleansing through Your Life

This is a longer release, (5mins 46 secs) designed to start to clear out the stored yuk and unwanted low vibrations from your energy field. It would be a good idea to listen to this audio everyday, to really give your energy field a spring clean, but a couple of times a week will also be good.

This audio releases all energies you have picked up this week, this month, this year, last 10 years, last 20 years, last 30 years, whole of your life & whilst in your mother's womb. This is a very powerful release and will really spring clean your energy and whole being from unwanted stored energies when listened to on a regular basis.

Cleansing Past Lives

This release is short but incredibly powerful, (1min 42 secs) This very powerful release clears the whole of your being from all energies you have picked up during the all of your past lives that are not yours and also from all energies you have picked up from the beginning of time to now that are not yours. Please only listen to this audio when you are alone and have time to process the energies that may surface from past lives. You may experience releasing symptoms, which is quite normal when doing this type of deep releasing work. You will received details of my Facebook support group which will help you understand this process and receive help and advice from others who have gone through this process when you book.


"Love them they are very powerful and I have a good feeling in the morning and evening that all unwanted absorbed energies from the night and day are gone, very helpful to find your balance and connection back again, thank you Michelle!" - Nina


"Thanks Michelle Carter I bought mine late last night and I also found the pm one really powerful ...After which i really slept soundly and perceived a very light feeling.. Did the am one this morning and found it really good also, had none of that yucky Energy I carry around with me that starts as soon as I get up ...So would say they are amazing .... Thanks again my sunshine love you."  - Isha

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