Chakras - Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakras 6, 5, 4
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Chakras - Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakras 6, 5, 4

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Open & Activate Your Chakras

Unblocking Chakras 6, 5, 4

Feel Empowered!


Unblocking, Opening & Activating Chakras 6, 5, 4

Energy work to unblock and open your chakras 6, 5 and 4.

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Length: Approx 6.20 mins


Flowing Pure Consciousness through your Chakras

Our energy is a torus field, and as well as having a torus field around our physical body, we have a Pure Consciousness torus field or looping of energy from the highest Pure Source, through our higher chakras, into our physical body, through the chakras in our body and down to Earth Star, the earth's chakra, then back up to Pure Consciousness. 

Most people feel connected to earth but not to the highest realms and energies, so there is no loop of energy keeping us and our physical bodies and energy fully powered. Other Light Souls feel more connected to the higher realms and find it hard to connect to earth, which still means that the loop is not complete. 

When the loop isn't complete we are not being automatically charged up all the time, so like a laptop or phone not on charge, we can deplete ourselves and end with a flat battery and no energy to keep going. Having a complete loop flowing from Pure Consciousness in the higher realms through all our chakras and physical body, down to Earth Star, looping back up is the equivalent of a computer being plugged in and always on charge. We should always have Pure Consciousness and Pure energies flowing through us and feeling and being 'on charge' all the time. 

Pure Consciousness / Chakra Audios

This series of audios have been designed to flow Pure Consciousness through your chakras, with other audios to unblock, open and activate your chakras, to ensure you have that loop of energy flowing and working for you, to keep you always being charged up and receiving Pure Consciousness and Pure Energies. 

Having flowing Pure consciousness and Pure energies to you constantly in a loop will raise your frequency, ascending your energy quicker and have you feel more empowered.

Blocked chakras mean we are being cut off from our natural Pure Source energy supply and not in our highest energy or life.

If the chakras in our physical body are blocked then this can cause physical illnesses as well as blocking your energy flow and spiritual abilities and ascension. Different physical illnesses can be associated with certain chakras, such as sore throat and issues with your throat, voice, speaking will indicate a blocked throat chakra. Unblocking your chakras helps your physical body to heal as well as giving you the spiritual benefits from that chakra. 

4 Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakra Audios

There are 4 Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakra Audios, so that if money is tight you can choose the area / chakras that you most need and purchase these audios one at a time.

There is also a Chakra Bundle where you can purchase all of the Unblocking Audios and save money.

Chakras 12, 11, 10, 9, 8

These chakras are higher chakras, above our physical realm and body, between us and Pure Consciousness. 

If these chakras are blocked then you are not getting the full Pure Consciousness energy flowing to you and into your physical body through your crown chakra.

The more you open your higher chakras, 12 down to 8, the more Pure Consciousness and Pure Light frequencies can flow to you to raise your frequency, which works to release and unblock your chakras 7 down to 1 in your body.

7 Chakra - Crown

The 7th chakra is your crown chakra and this is where the Pure energies flow into your physical body. If this chakra is partially or completely blocked then there is a big reduction in how much Pure frequency can flow into your body and flow to your other chakras.

The crown chakra is like a gateway allowing Pure Consciousness and Pure energies to flow into your physical body and needs to be fully open for you to ascend and have your other chakras open.

6th chakra - 3rd Eye / Pineal Gland

Our 3rd eye chakra is known to be our psychic sight, so seeing outside of human vision and other psychic abilities outside of our human five senses. 

Fluoride is known to calcify and blocks the 3rd eye chakra and pineal gland, and since fluoride is put in some drinking water supplies and toothpaste, this chakra is very blocked in most people. 

If you wish to enhance your psychic abilities and psychic sight in particular, then you do need to unblock, open and activate your 6th chakra. (Having fluoride free toothpaste and water is recommended to prevent on going blocking. )

5th Chakra - Throat

Speaking and sharing information, whether verbally or in writing is an important part of most Light Souls purpose here on earth. This can be sharing with friends and family or on a bigger scale.

A blocked throat chakra can give us fears around speaking out, being seen and living our highest expression of ourselves. 

Unblocking, opening and activating your throat chakra will make speaking and sharing easier for you to do with more natural and authentic flow. 

4th Chakra - Heart

So many people do have a blocked heart chakra from feeling hurt, rejected or betrayed in love, which can be romantic love or love / lack of love from families and friends.

As we open our heart chakra more and more it becomes easier to feel love and flow love out to others, and most importantly to ourselves. 

3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus

Solar is sun energy which is power. The solar plexus is our power house, and our soul connection, where we feel that kick in the gut feeling and where we feel discernment. 

When this chakra is blocked you can feel cut off from your soul guidance and purpose and your ability to discern, so it's really important for spiritual growth and being Divinely guided through discernment that your Solar Plexus is open and activated.

2nd Chakra - Sacral

The sacral chakra is our creativity energy. When we are creative we are aligned to receive because being creative, making something is the energy of giving, giving an expression of ourselves to others or the world.

Being creative includes many things including art, sewing, dancing, singing, music, gardening, writing, expressing, cooking - anything that we are doing to make something or a message for ourselves or others.

A blocked sacral chakra is blocking your abundance and wealth, so the sacral needs to be open and activate to feel our creativity, be creative and be open to receive in all forms of receiving including money and wealth. 

1st Chaka - Root

The root chakra is the lowest chakra and closest to earth. It is related to our most basic needs and survival. When the root chakra is blocked we can be stuck in lack, struggle and survival, finding it hard to escape this energy and lifestyle. 

Earth Star

The energy flows from our Root Chakra down to the Earth Star Chakra in earth. This is how we connect to earth energetically and complete a Pure Consciousness Loop from Pure Consciousness in the highest realm through our chakras and body to Earth Star and back up to Pure Consciousness. 

If we are not feeling connected to earth then we can find living on earth very challenging and find it hard to receive physical abundance and good living into your life. 

Pure Consciousness Chakra Audios

Main Audio and 4 Unblocking, Opening and Activating Chakras

You can purchase the main Flowing Pure Consciousness through Your Chakras audio using the button on this page or you can purchase it on the link below.

You can purchase the 4 Unblocking, Opening and Activating Chakras audios individually on the links below.

Also a bundle is available if you wish to purchase all 4 Unblocking, Opening and Activating Chakras in one purchase.

Flowing Pure Consciousness through Your Chakras

This main audio flows Pure Consciousness and Pure energies through your chakras and to Earth Star and then loops back up to Pure Consciousness.

This audio is complete in itself and has been designed to keep flowing Pure energy through your chakras to keep you open and activated, and also to be able to feel which chakras may be blocked so you can work specifically on those chakras. 

Chakra Bundle - 4 Unblocking, Opening & Activating Audios

Save £22 with this 4 audio bundle.

Individual audios £22 each, bundle price £66.

Includes audios:

  1. Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakras 12, 11, 10
  2. Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakras 9, 8, 7
  3. Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakras 6, 5, 4
  4. Unblocking, Opening & Activating Your Chakras 3, 2, 1


Caution: Please do not listen whilst driving, may cause drowsiness or even fall asleep whilst listening.


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