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What are Your Hidden Gifts & Abilites?

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For years I've shared my girl's art on Facebook and maybe here as well and raved at how talented they are, and said that their talent didn't come from me! Well now it appears that I need to take that back, because I've found a hidden ability to draw! I actually found this ability last July when looking for a birthday card for Joanna. I was looking for a card with a campervan on it because Joanna was very excited about the van she had bought and was busy converting it into a campervan. I have to say that she...

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How To Ascend

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  I'm going to keep the information as simple and factual as possible so that you can share this information with others who have no idea what The Great Awakening, Global Shift, dark to Light is! So that seems like a very good place to start, by explaining what is the energy of the shift from dark to Light and what is going on.   What is The Great Awakening / Global Shift - dark to Light? We need to know that everything is energy that has a resonance or frequency and we can liken this to the musical notes...

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