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Releasing Energy Work

It is good to do lots of releasing and to remove deep and hidden blocks and barriers we do need to do lots of releasing.

What is not good is to be feeling the energies as they release. If we do too much releasing in one session then these energies can build up around us, like water waiting to flow through a funnel. It is when all the energies are waiting like this to clear out that we can feel the undesirable symptoms of releasing.

When you allow time for the energies to fully clear or process between releasing sessions then you won't feel the unwanted releasing symtpoms and the whole process will be easier and quicker!

This is going to be different for each person depending on the energy that is involved. It is also going to be different for you for different energies, emotions, beliefs that you are working on.

The way to know how much energy you can release without over doing it is to go slowly, notice what you are feeling and to do lots of Clearing Audios in between your releasing sessions, along with Filling Audios.

The more Filling work you do the more you are raising your vibration so this makes all releasing easier and quicker to do! It is easy to over focus on releasing, but this is out of balance with what our energy needs and that is to have the good Pure energies flowing into us as well as the dark and low leaving.

Releasing symptoms are what we can feel when there is too much energy trying to leave and it's not all going quick enough.

What you feel can vary depending on what energy you are releasing, but it will be feeling the energies you are releasing or feeling a thick head, headache, foggy thinking, really tired or just zonking out!

Emotions can be felt, so if releasing grief and upset you can feel really upset for no reason, you might cry on and for a few hours and not know why. You may remember sad or upsetting times as these energies leave.

Physical symptoms can be felt, so with hayfever you may sneeze and have a worsening of symptoms for a few hours before it starts to get better and go away. The physical symptoms will match whatever energy you are working on.

Beliefs can pop up again, so if working on releasing lack of wealth then all the negative mind chatter and beliefs why you can't have flowing abundance may emerge and this can be a bit overwhelming!

You are not be the first one to do this if you do do this! I have done too much releasing so many times and know how it feels, which is why I recorded my Clearing Audios!

These audios work on releasing the build up of energies that are all trying to leave and that you are feeling whilst this is going on.

My Clearing Audios work best when played on loop and will be more powerful if you listen through headphones, but they will work if you keep them playing on silent in the background.

You can also play some of my Filling Audios to keep the Pure energies flowing in and keep your vibration high. This assists in removing the releasing energies out.

If you are already used to my audios and would like to make your releasing energy work more effective then I recommend the following:

  • Start with listening to Filling / Floating with Pure Love / Light / Stillness
  • Listen to your Releasing Audio
  • Listen to a Clearing Audio
  • Listen to a Filling / Floating with Pure Love / Light / Stillness Audio again

If you listen through headphones then the energy work will be more powerful.

Releasing is working on the energy inside of your own energy field or whole energy being.

Disconnecting is working on your connections to energy outside of you - so how we are all connected through global grids and matrixes and in any other way.

From the above it is obvious to see that Disconnecting is a much bigger task that releasing! You may find it easier to work on your own energy first and then move onto disconnecting energy work afterwards. If your own energy is really low then you will find it harder to do disconnecting energy work, so raising your own vibration is an important part of disconnecting.

Filling Energy Work

The Law of Attraction does actually work!

However, most people think that it works on our thoughts and what we think about, so if we send out a thought for something to appear in our lives then it will. Many people have been disappointed after trying this, because what we attract is the most dominant energy inside our energy field / whole being.

So if you have lots of stored beliefs around lack, poverty, not being good enough, not deserving etc then that is the energy that you are attracting in terms of abundance and flow, so any thought you send out for abundance to flow to you is going to be out powered by all the stored energies. I call stored energy 'energy magnets' because energy does have a magnetic effect.

"Like Attracts Like"

If you are desiring good to flow to you, whether it is abundance, love, happiness,  healing or any positive energy then you need to have enough positive 'energy magnets' in your energy for you to 'attract like magnets'.

Filling with Pure and Divine energies is adding more high vibrations to your energy being so the Law of Attraction can attract more like energy magnets to you.

I don't think anyone can do too much filling! There is so much going on in the world that can drag our energy and vibration down, that we all do really need to do lots of filling every day to keep our vibration high.

You life will show you how much you need to do. If you feel loved then you have enough 'love magnets' in your energy to attract more to you.

If you don't feel loved and never really have then you will need to do lots of filling until you do start to really feel loved. This is going to vary from person to person.

The same applies to all of the Pure and Divine energies. How you feel and what you do and don't have in your life shows you what you are most missing.

If you're not sure what filling energies you need then I would recommend that you start off with filling with Pure Love and Pure Light. Theses two energies are really powerful and are great to raise your vibration and start the flow of feeling the good flow in!

Clearing Energy Work

As I have evolved my energy work I have found different ways of clearing energies away.

Each way works and may be preferred by different people so I have different methods of clearing the energies away. They all work to clear the energy away but through different energy techniques.

I currently have the following Clearing Audios:

  • Super Clearing Transmission
  • Float Clear Transmission
  • Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms
  • Super Clearing Transmission is using filling and releasing energy work to clear the releasing energies away.
  • Float Clear Transmission is using floating and releasing energy work to clear the releasing energies away.
  • Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms is disconnecting you from global webs and matrixes that can keep us stuck in feeling and experienceing releasing symptoms. This is using disconnecting, releasing, filling and floating energy.
  • If you are new to my energy work then you may prefer the Super Clearing Transmisison.
  • If you love the floating energy work then my Float Clear Transmission feels amazing to listen to and will probably be your favourite!
  • If you are intending to do lots of disconnecting energy work then I recommend my Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms as this is the most powerful and is much needed with disconnecting energy work.

No is the simple and quick answer to that!

Releasing can continue for hours after we have listened to an audio or done releasing energy work so there can be deeper layers being worked on. You can do as much clearing energy work as you like, the more you do the clearer and lighter you will feel!

Disconnecting Energy Work

If you have been doing releasing energy work, which is working on the energy inside your own personal energy field / body and you're still feeling the issue is affecting you then you will need to do disconnecting energy work to feel free from this other energy outside of your energy field / body.

'Like energy atttacts like energy' and all this 'like energy' will be magnetised together and form groups of energy. If lots of people have these energy magnets then this collective energy is a big group of these energy magnets. The more people who 'join the group' the more power there is in this group and the harder it becomes to leave the group because the group magnetic power is drawing you back to it.

This is why we need to disconnect, so we are not being constantly drawn back into the group power.

Many people will understand this with families when the family energy is not harmonious and someone wants to be free from this energy. They will try and not connect to the family but the family energy will keep drawing them back, so cutting ties and disconnecting energy work is needed to feel totally free.

You can be connected to so many different types of energy and when we 'label' ourselves with a condition then we are attaching ourselves to that group energy, which is obviously not what we want!

You can be connected to:

  • Any and all illnesses you have had
  • Your family, groups of people, religion
  • Emotions, shock, grief, trauma, PTSD
  • Addictions and addictive behaviour
  • Fears and phobias
  • Global grids and matrixes as in the film 'The Matrix'

It does take a lot of powerful disconnecting energy work to be free of an unwanted connection, so this is a balancing act to use enough power to be free and not do too much that you feel releasing symptoms.

Lots of clearing of the energies after disconnecting is most needed and filling and floating your energy is also really needed to be in the highest vibration possible and make the work more effective.

Revoking Dark Energies & Attacks

I have many audios to revoke dark energies, demons, black magic, projections and so much more on my network. You will receive a link to my network when you purchase an audio.

If you would like more information then please email me or ask when logged into my network. 


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