Videos & Interviews


Energy Healing Methods

Learn how using energy work and the Power of the Universe can improve your life. Change the energy stored inside of you will change the energy you are attracting to you!

Learn How to Discern

Learn How to Feel Stillness, Connect to Higher Pure Energies, Ask the Right Questions & Discern

Revoking 5G

Instead of worrying about 5G & the health implications, add your intentions to this powerful energy work

Pure Stillness & Love to All Victims

Energy work to lift victims out of being stuck in victim energy & raise the vibration of humanity

Release Suicide Entities

Release the energies that are causing you to feel suicidal, despair and like life is not worth living. Very powerful energy work. Please only listen once a day.

Choose Pure Love

Choose Pure Love over hate and evil with Michelle Carter.

Powerful Global Healing

Using the Power of the Universe to raise consciousness, release global blocks to living through Love, Light & beautiful heart energy and feelings.

Filling with Divine Energies

Help Create Peace on Earth by listening to this short transmission, Filling the World with Divine Energies.

Disconnecting from Mind Control

Watched The Matrix? Free yourself from mind control and disconnect from the matrix.

Peace & Freedom

Peace is more than not having war. Peace is Freedom. Choose Pure over evil, disconnect from mind control.

Purifying Global Water

Powerful energy work to purify all water on earth - rivers, lakes, ponds, seas, oceans, drinking water & all water in our bodies!

Interview on Hay House Radio

Diane Ray interviews Michelle Carter, International Divine Energy Channel & Author of Loving You, on Hay House Radio.

Loving You

Are You Happy with Your Life?               or is there something missing?           Are You Stuck in a rut?

Jazz & Joy Infused Music

Uplift your mood with this toe tapping, jazzy, Divinely infused music!

Interview with Shivany Gonnell

Shivany Gonell of Reclaim Inner Peace Summit interviews Me.

Healing for ebola virus

Protection from getting ebola virus and healing for those who have this virus.


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