Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

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I heard this quote from President Kennedy years ago in a speech, at least I'm pretty sure it was from him, I apologise if I have that wrong. 

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I've done a search on this and it is a verse from the Bible - Ephesians 6:12. King James Version 

I feel that I was drawn to hear this from President Kennedy because I would take note of it, and when I heard it I had that kick in the gut feeling of it being true, whilst my mind was saying this cannot be true, it's not possible for wickedness / evil to exist in higher realms, it would be repelled or purified, but it seems that it has been existing in higher realms and that is why life has been so hard for all of us and why this Shift to Light is taking so long, there was dark in higher realms overseeing all that is going on and working to direct everything to their agenda. I'm assuming that the angels and Light Beings in higher realms have either not known that there was evil amongst them, or knew but couldn't detect it.

What I'm about to share might sound out there and crazy to some, but let's face life is very crazy right now, especially the pandemic, the injections and all that is going on with the depopulation agenda, so here goes. 

I feel that the frequency of Heaven was slowly lowered as Lucifer and others had dark thoughts and intentions when in Heaven, prior to the fall of the angels. The fall of the angels was due to some kind of argument or violation of free choice amongst the angels and I feel that Lucifer grabbed a Pure angel to be his partner, that was not his Divine partner and this somehow resulted in the fall of the angels, massive fear and shock causing a big drop in frequency caused the fall of the angels. 

All the angels that fell, good and bad, still had some energy in Heaven and that would be why there has been wickedness in high places, because it has been there since or prior to the fall of the angels. That energy could not exist in full view in Heaven, which was now a lower heaven because of the frequency drop and so had to hide and cloak it's energy to not be recognised by the Pure Angels and get kicked out. So what I feel is that Lucifer and dark fallen angels have been controlling from high places alongside the Pure Angels and this does make sense in why we have so much corruption in religion, spiritualism and those with psychic abilities. 

The false guides and false light are coming from Lucifer and dark ones in high places. I don't know how they managed to cloak their energy to not be detected by the Pure Angels, actually I do know, on typing that I had a feeling of how they did it, they had a barrier around their energy and then covered themselves in Pure Angel energy over that barrier so they were being seen and felt as Pure Angels. 

The physical shift to Light on earth, ie the White Hats taking action on the EBS, Quantum Computer and GESARA was not going to happen whilst the dark in high places had some control. The dark have been so arrogant because L thought that he could never be seen, found out and stopped from his hidden and cloaked place in lower heaven, but he has been found out and I've done lots of revoking energy work on this and commanded the uncloaking and unhiding of all dark in higher realms. 

The truth shall set you free.

So I'm asking all of you to read this statement, adding your own intentions and emotions to it so that we can finally be free of the evil in high places and on earth and move into GESARA and bring Heaven to Earth. 

Pure Cosmos & Pure Love Consciousness commands the uncloaking and unhiding of all evil in higher realms and on earth, so all can see the and feel the evil so it is fully revoked, repelled and banished from higher realms and earth. 

I felt that an audio was needed for this energy work so I have recorded the above, repeating with all planets, universes and galaxies and ended with transmuting and purifying all evil from higher realms. You can download this audio below. 

Video on Rumble  Video on You Tube

The more people who play this audio the more we will totally revoke evil from higher realms, earth and everywhere so that we can live in peace, love and abundance, as we were always meant to.

The more you think about all the attacks, all the hidden, all the cons and deception, all the monitoring spirits, astral and psychic attacks, the more this makes sense on how all of this has been able to happen and keep existing for so long, especially with all the revoking and powerful energy work that we have been doing. 


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