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Love & Light - What does this really mean?

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Love and Light  You may have heard people saying 'Love and Light' and many spiritual people do say this, I do myself, although I'm not keen on the label spiritual!Why do people say 'Love and Light'? I was copying this saying from other people before I knew the real meaning of it! The reason for saying 'Love and Light' is to renuite the separation between Love and Light.Love is a very powerful universal energy, but love alone is not healing the world.Light, which is actually Truth, is also a very powerful energy, and the only defence evil has against Truth...

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Am I a Bad Person if I Can’t Forgive Someone?

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The need to forgive is being so widely taught nowadays, that we are being programmed that we have to forgive to be a kind, caring person and that if we don't forgive someone for a wrong doing then we will never find peace and happiness. We may have real inner turmoil with this and start to think that we are a bad person if we don't or can't forgive someone, because the programming and messages being sent out are becoming so loud. So what if someone has done something to you or someone you love, and you just cannot forgive...

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Do we treat the symptoms or root causes?

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It is the symptoms that we feel and want gone, and we can release and get rid of the symptoms, but if the root cause remains, then we will get more symptoms or different variations of these symptoms because the cause is still there. This will continue in a never ending cycle until the ROOT CAUSE is removed. The root causes of all issues are: LACK OF LOVE FEAR MIND CONTROL I frequently talk about how damaging lack of love is on us and have written many articles on this, including “Were You Loved From Birth or Not - &...

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How can we flow love when we feel hurt & rejected?

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Feeling hurt or rejected is a painful experience and can be one that it so difficult to recover from, leaving many feeling bitter and resentful or in fear of connecting and trusting others again. How can we trust in love after being so let down?     Yesterday, I asked for some guidance around this and found myself  reaching for my book, Loving You, and reading the opening paragraph of chapter 13 -  'this is the time when we MOST need to connect to love and Love Ourselves!' It really made me think and was a 'wow moment' for me,...

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Whose Life are You Living - Yours, Your Parents, Your Bosses?

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Are you actually living your life and following your passions or are you living your parents' life, or your boss's  life or your neighbour's, spouse or partner's life or even your children's life? Let's say there are 14 hours of awake time in our day, 7 days a week, making 98 hours a week, which we'll round up to 100 for ease of maths. So out of this 100 awake hours a week, how many hours do you spend on you doing things that make your heart sing? How about you make a list of all the things you do each...

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