Do You Love Your Life?

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When you do love your life then time flies and what you do is enjoyable and fun! 

I love what I do, my energy work, my Facebook groups and membership group, writing blog articles and reading wonderful comments from people who are grateful to have received my gifts and been inspired by my life.

In fact, I enjoy doing this so much that I can find myself saying to myself, after doing this for a couple of hours and checking the time on my computer, 'wow, I really must do something now' and then I need to remind myself, that I am doing something, something that is actually very productive and it is also my paid work!

Much of my work is helping people to see and release the programming that we have all picked up from society, parents, teachers and from being alive on earth! I have done so much energy work on myself, to heal myself from the really chronic adrenal fatigue that had me stuck in bed to physically weak to get up, but even so, I can still find so many incidents where I find myself 'being in a programmed belief' that just isn't serving me.

The programming about having to 'do something useful' goes really deep for me. It seems to be a belief that if I am enjoying what I am doing then it is not useful and I should stop doing it and do something serious instead! Now how backwards and destructive is that belief!  



The same is true of my book and promoting my book, I love my book and it is fun to sign copies and send them out to people or to go to a book signing event, so when I am making arrangements or walking to the post office, I have to remind myself that I am working, it is part of my work, I am not wasting time, as if going for a walk into town is a waste of time anyway!  

So how many hidden beliefs do you have. How many times does that voice pop up and try and sabotage what you are doing, spoil your fun or change your path?

Be aware of what that voice is saying to you and only listen if it is being kind, caring and supportive of you. You are your own best friend and biggest supporter of you and if that isn't ringing true for you then you really need to read my new book, Loving You!

The more aware we become the more we can choose what is serving us and the happier we will feel!

You deserve to enjoy Your Life, if you don't feel any joy in your life then it is time to take some action to find out what you love and how to take some action steps to bring this joy to you.

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