What are Your Hidden Gifts & Abilites?

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For years I've shared my girl's art on Facebook and maybe here as well and raved at how talented they are, and said that their talent didn't come from me! Well now it appears that I need to take that back, because I've found a hidden ability to draw!

I actually found this ability last July when looking for a birthday card for Joanna. I was looking for a card with a campervan on it because Joanna was very excited about the van she had bought and was busy converting it into a campervan. I have to say that she amazed me with her determination to do this all herself, using power tools to cut holes in the van to put in windows and fan and decking it out inside - so very impressive!

Well I couldn't find any cards with campervans on them and the other cards were pretty uninspiring and the best I could find had random flowers dotted on it, and looking at it I thought, honestly I could draw random dotted flowers like that and it would have more meaning being hand made than the shop one. So with that thought in mind I went to another shop and bought a pack of blank cards with envelopes, a pencil and some colouring pencils, and then heard a voice saying, you'll need an eraser and pencil sharpener, which I agreed with and so got those as well before paying.

As I was walking home, I kept thinking I don't want a card with flowers on it, I want a card with a campervan on it, and I felt this so strongly that I said to myself I'm going to drawn a van, I am going to draw a van, that's what I want on the card and I'm going to draw a van, regardless of whether I can draw or not, regardless of being told from a young child that I'm not creative, not arty and can't draw, I'm going to draw a van.

So when I got home, I searched for van photos and I started to draw vans. Eraser most needed! And after a few attempts I decided that maybe I needed to watch a tutorial or two on how to draw! 😂

Well a few tutorials later and several attempts of van drawing, I drew something that I felt looked like a van and was acceptable for someone who couldn't draw! Not only that, when I looked at it from a distance, I did actually feel pleased with my finished result and pretty proud that I'd done this.


Feeling inspired by this, I decided that I now wanted to draw her new kitten, which was a massive step up from a van and a tree, but I'd seen Joanna drawing lots and just thought and I felt I can do this, I can draw her kitten.

Now to say this was a massive step up was for real! First I had to choose a photo to copy, and get the proportions of the face looking good. That was quite a challenge in itself, but then came the shading. 👀 My photo was in colour and I was drawing in black and white, so after a while I felt it would be easier if the photo was in black and white and had a friend agree on this, so now I had to change the photo to black and white to continue. This involved photo editing software which I didn't like using, but I did it and got my black and white photo. (Again determination and passion overcame past dislikes and got the job done!)

Somewhere in all of this, I watched a tutorial that was kind of speed drawing or timed drawing, where you set an alarm and draw for 5 minutes then stop. I found this really useful and helped get over the blank canvas block and fear of messing up, being too perfectionist, with a focus of just do as much as you can in 5 minutes and fix it later. This worked really well for me, so with lots of short sessions I did manage to draw the kitten. When I stopped and looked at the finished drawing, I had to admit that it was pretty amazing, unbelievable in fact that I'd drawn it. Like where did that come from?

Here's my drawing and the photo I was copying.

I felt her eyes looked sad in my drawing and I didn't know why. Looking at the photo and the drawing now, I can see that her eyes are shaped down slightly, where as in the photo they are more up, so that's how much my artistic eye has sharpened since July 2023!


What are Your Hidden Gifts & Abilities?

Well the answer to, 'where did that come from?' is in the change of my mindset from the belief that had been installed in me as a child, that I can't draw, not creative or arty, to I am going to draw this and I can!

The 'I can' with passion is so powerful, and this is the reason I'm sharing all of this with you, because as per the title of this newsletter, what hidden gifts and abilities do you have - that if you passionately said I can do that, you could awaken in you?

As Light Souls, we all have so many gifts and abilities that we are not aware of, which have become blocked and shut down for various reasons. As we clear blocks from our energy, raise our frequency and open and activate our chakras, (sacral chakra in particular for creative energy), we can open up gifts and abilities that we didn't know we had and with genuine passion and determination, free from stress and expectation, keeping it fun, we can really surprise ourselves with what we can do.

Keeping Going

Having discovered this hidden ability to draw, I wanted to keep it going and not just stop, so I did more tutorial videos and tried to find what my art style was. I draw a few princesses, a boat sketch, some landscapes and trees, and some flowers and roses. I watched another video on how to find your art style, and she said the obvious, which isn't obvious until you hear it! And that is to draw what you love and your style will be what you love - makes sense huh! 🤣

With this new information, I started to draw more roses and initially found it easy to draw whilst following a tutorial, but hard to copy a drawing. I've drawn quite a few roses now and I can even draw a few different styles of roses without copying a drawing, but prefer to have a drawing for large open roses and especially for the shading.

I was feeling frustrated because the set of colouring pencils I had didn't have a single pink pencil - like what?? So eventually I decided I need to buy pink pencils and bought a pack of 18 pink pencils all difference colours - wow, so exciting! My passion for drawing roses was super charged now with lots of pink pencils to choose from and here is my latest drawing with these pencils.


Again I am really impressed when I look at this and other drawings I've done. It's kind of like I'm in a different reality of life to what I was - and isn't that what ascending is all about? We can think it's something more physical than what it is, because we can ascend and open up our gifts and abilities in the same home, doing the same job, and feeling like our life has changed and shifted, but new abilities appearing out of nowhere, (with practice and using them of course!) show that our energy has shifted and our life is different.

Personally I do feel that change is a big booster to ascending. It really shifts your energy, pushes you out of your comfort zone and moves you forwards. The bigger and more drastic the change the more profound your energy shifts and change in life will be.

So whilst I was impressed with my new found drawing abilities, I did wonder what use is this? There are so many really good artists out there, so I'm not drawing to make money, and if I'm copying images what is the point? I felt that I needed to draw something that wasn't copied, that was my own design, now that felt daunting, so I just left that as a thought! Well later that evening I had this idea come into my mind, two interlocking hearts, with maybe having roses in them. I liked that idea and so started to draw it and expand on it as I was seeing the picture come together.

Here is my finished drawing, which was inspired by Valentine's Day, so a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


Walk Your Talk & Lead by Example

My reason for sharing all of this is to share with you all that I do walk my talk and now I'm leading by example.

I've been through the hell of non stop dark attacks, made it through that dark tunnel and reached not just Light at the other end, but also creativity and new abilities.

Doing the energy work works!

Yes it can take time. It's taken me 10 years to fight off all the dark attacks, which seemed to intensify and change every time I thought I was on top of it, but now I do have a lot of wisdom and knowledge on how to get free of the attacks, which is a big part of why I was so attacked, to stop me sharing with others. I've had so many messages telling me that I have important information to share with others, and I know that is true.

Having escaped the dark tunnel, I'm really wanting to focus on the good right now and so this is why I'm sharing all of the above, to show you all some good - unexpected good that has come from me doing the energy work and most importantly, believing that I can!

It is passion, desire and a will to succeed that gets the results, and the more fun you can have doing it then the easier this will all flow. Stress, anxiety, worry and fear are all blocks to our creative energy flowing, abundance flowing and our lives flowing.

Whatever you desire for yourself and your life, you will achieve it easier and quicker from being in a high frequency, releasing the blocks, and passionately wishing to do it, and telling yourself that you can!

I hope my success inspires you to find your hidden gifts and abilities. All Light Souls have them, so if a voice in your head says you don't when you read that, then that is a limiting belief that needs to go!


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