Releasing Fears of Being Heard
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Releasing Fears of Being Heard

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Feel Good About Speaking Up

No More Holding In & Building Up Stored Emotions

Feel Free to Say What You Wish to Say



Release the fears you have of being heard & speaking up for yourself.

When we have stored energy in us, that energy is attracting 'like' energy by the Law of Attraction. Releasing any feelings and stored emotions / energy that we are not being heard will change our energy field so we are no longer attracting this 'not feeling or being heard' energy to us.

The longer we live with an issue, the more it will grow as it attracts like energy to us and this makes a dislike into a hate into a fear into a phobia, which is making it harder and harder to deal with. Take the action now to release all energies, thoughts, feelings around not being heard so you can change what you are attracting to you and move forwards into a better more positive life.


If you didn't feel heard as a child then this audio is definitely for you as these feelings will be working against you now in your current life. Likewise if you were told off as a child for speaking then you will have feelings or beliefs around this that it's wrong to speak out or you will be told off again if you speak up for yourself.

Your childhood experiences could be playing out at work or in your marriage / family life. You may not feel heard or noticed at work, around the home, with friends or in other circumstances. 

Childhood patterns have a powerful influence on us through our adult lives, unless we do energy work to release this false beliefs and influencing energies.

You don't need to live with these past experiences and current fears affecting the rest of your life, you can now release those fears and move forwards into a happier and more confident life!


This multi-layered audio releases the following issues:

  • Not Being Heard
  • Not being good enough
  • Not saying the right thing
  • Doing it wrong
  • Making mistakes
  • Not knowing what to say
  • All feelings of being judged

After the releasing energy work it ends with:

  • Filling you with energies of being Lovingly Heard by everyone who connects with you
  • Filling all your communication with Divine Love & Light and asking that you feel and are lovingly heard
  • Filling you with Divine Light and belief in yourself to confidently speak and know that you will be loving heard and received. May your message be filled with Divine Love & Light and all your communication be filled with Joy.


There is the main track throughout, with two backing tracks of Filling with Divine Light and Filling with Divine Joy, to ensure your energy field is being filled throughout the releasing energy work.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 4.45 mins

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