Opening Your Heart to Pure Love Program

Do You Want To Fully OPEN YOUR HEART ENERGY & Live in Divine Flow?

Then this program is for YOU! 


Open Your Heart to Be Filled with Pure Love

Allow Yourself to Truly Love Yourself,

Being Open to Receiving Love from Others

Live through Your Heart Energy &

Flow Pure Love into the World!



Working in Real Time with the Current Global Energies

There is so much change and shift going on right now. Everything IS changing!

The old ways of living in our minds, following all the beliefs of society is shifting out and instead we have living from HEART ENERGY coming in. This is happening on a global scale NOW!

Everything that was once stable is now in shift. Money is a vibration and the new vibration of money is about being ‘Honest, Truthful and True to Yourself’ and living in Divine Integrity, those in alignment with these values will now find it easier to attract money and be abundant, whilst those stuck in greed, evil and not caring will be out of alignment with the vibration of wealth and will start to loose their ability to attract it.

Living through our hearts and feelings is very much the global energy coming in now to really super power the shift into Light. But living through our feelings is not a new concept, it is in fact ancient and many tribes in rural areas have kept this way of living, because it works!

Using our feelings and emotions has huge power, in fact science is showing that Heart Energy is 5,000 more powerful than our mind energy. This explains how for centuries that native people have controlled the weather through rituals, their health through natural herbs and intuition.

What is happening is we are being guided back to live in balance and harmony with nature and our Divine Connection and Guidance.

With all the Global Energies and Light coming to our planet, living through our feelings, emotions and guidance will transform your life, allowing prosperity and Divine Flow into your life.

Divine Magic exists - it is there, always – we have just been in the wrong vibration, living through our minds and beliefs. When we live from our heart and soul energy we can shift into the Divine vibrations and experience this amazing Divine Flow & Magic.

It is like the sun is always shining, but if it is cloudy we don’t see or feel it.

Opening Your Heart Energy is like always being the sun side of the clouds & in Divine Flow!

Powerful Multi-Layered Audios to Fill, Release, Expand and Open Your Heart Space

The following audios have been specially designed to take you through a process of Heart Opening in the easiest and quickest way possible. You will receive the audios in stages with full instructions on how to use them, what their purpose is and how to get the best from your audios with listening routines and tips and advice.

These audios have 9 different layers of energy work including:- Filling with Pure Love, Filling with Pure Source Light, Filling with Divine Joy, Filling with Divine Peace & Clearing the Energies to Source. A couple of layers fade in and out of your left and right headphones, while the others are working silently but powerfully in the background. 

Listening to these multi-layered audios in the following order will reduce the likelihood of any severe releasing symptoms and make the Heart Opening as beautiful an experience as possible!

Your Guided Opening Your Heart Program includes the following audios:

  1. Pure Love and Light Clearing Transmission
  2. Filling with Pure Love
  3. Filling with Pure Source Light
  4. Pure Source Light Protection Audio
  5. Filling Your Heart Energy
  6. Pure Love and Light Heart Opening Transmission
  7. Filling, Releasing, Filling Your Heart Energy
  8. Filling, Flowing, Expanding & Opening Your Heart Energy

These audios will be sent to you at regular intervals with listening instructions and guidance so you can really get the most out of your audios and Open Your Heart to Pure Love as quickly and easily as possible!

Audio 1 - Pure Love and Light Clearing Transmission

Sometimes we can have lots of energies releasing and we can feel overwhelmed by this, feeling the bad energies going and not the good.

This can happen when we get overexcited with new audios and listen too much and overdo it!
So this Clearing Transmission has been especially designed to clear all these unwanted energies out so that we can feel Light, Clear and Good again!

You can play this audio on loop and it also works on silent. I recommend you loop this audio whenever you are listening to any of my audios or just loop it all the time, especially when we have full moon and intense global energies going on!
(Approx. 5 mins - can be looped)

Audio 1 - Filling with Pure Love

This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio.

The words are ‘Filling with Pure Love’ repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering, so you will hear these words at different volumes and through different headphones.


The vibration of the words ‘Pure Love’ is very high, much higher than the vibration of Love or Divine Love, so hearing these words repeated is a very powerful way to fill your energy with vibrations of Pure Love. If you are lacking ‘love energies or magnets’ then this audio will really help you to fill up with the essential energies that are like food to our emotions.

(Approx. 1 min - can be looped)

Audio 2 - Filling with Pure Source Light


This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are ‘Filling with Pure Source Light’ repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering, so you will hear these words at different volumes and through different headphones.

The power in this audio is amazing. Great for clearing a room, space, protection or to raise your vibration or shift out energies after lots of releasing work.

(Approx. 1 min - can be looped)

Audio 3 - Pure Source Light Protection Audio

Feel safe and protected by this powerful audio that fills you and your energy field with Pure Source Light and also the space you are in, your home, car, computer and belongings. Play this audio at least twice a day to cleanse you and your home, or play on silent and loop to feel protected and safe wherever you go.

With the current shift and crazy energies this audio is a real must for everyone! You will so value it when you feel the power it has.

(Approx. 4 mins - can be looped)


Michelle's new protection audio feels so much more comprehensive than any protection audios or routines that I have tried before.

The silent and multi-layers really go deep and wide to keep me and the whole of my life safe and secure. I *feel* more safe and secure now, which is a fantastic feeling in a year that has felt like one attack after another. The energies have felt a lot calmer with less challenge in my physical world since I began using this new audio.

I feel that it is a must have for everyone, especially those who are having a difficult time.

Thank you Michelle for all that you do and all that you are- your work makes such a positive difference in my life. I feel that mountains are moved any time that we do work together or I use your audios".  - Kimber, USA

Audio 4 - Filling Your Heart Energy

Channeling Powerful Pure Source Light & Pure Love into your heart space to loosen the blocks & barriers that are preventing your heart from opening.  It is much easier to release the blocks and barriers with ease after lots of filling has been done, so this is the ‘digging your foundations’ for Heart Opening with ease!

(Approx. 2 mins)

Audio 5 - Pure Love and Light Heart Opening Transmission

A beautiful loving transmission to fill your heart energy with Divine Love, Self-Love, Pure Love, Romantic Love & True Love.

This is a longer audio than the audios above and can be used as a mediation, for relaxation, to shift vibration and to just feel more and more loved!

So make sure you have time to relax & bliss out during and after this amazing transmission, filled with so much love!  You will most likely feel spaced afterwards, so do allow some time to slowly come around!

(Approx. 9 mins)

Audio 6 - Filling, Releasing, Filling Your Heart Energy


Once your heart space has received lots of Filling, we can move on to release & remove the blocks & barriers preventing you from feeling an open heart. The blocks and unwanted energies will shift and release quicker now that all the Filling with Pure Love & Light has been done. It is also important to fill the space created after doing releasing energy work, so this space is filled straight away with Pure Love & Light, keeping you filled with beautiful Pure Love Energies.

(Approx. 3 mins - Do not loop!)


Filling, Flowing, Expanding & Opening Your Heart Energy

Once the blocks & barriers have been shifted you can really start to feel your heart energy open & expand, which is such a beautiful experience. You will really begin to feel your heart energy expanding like a balloon being gently blown up or opening up like a flower blooming. 

Having an open heart is a major shift in vibration enabling you to live in a world of love and Divine flow rather than a world of lack.

(Approx. 2.5 mins)