Remote Pure Transmissions - Nervous System & Adrenals
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Remote Pure Transmissions - Nervous System & Adrenals

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  • Feel Peace & Calm
  • React Less 
  • Be Healthier
  • Ascend Easier & Quicker!



Feel Peace through the Shift!

Feel Pure Stillness Fill Your Nervous System & Adrenals

"Thank you Michelle for doing Nervous System Remote Transmissions again. Every time I receive them I feel more focused, clear, calm, less reactive to stressful events and have more energy. They are so effective. I wish that I could receive them every day!" - Patricia

Many people have over reactive adrenals and nervous system and this is very damaging to our health. Trust me on this one, I know it so well because I had total physical breakdowns more than once when my body just could not function normally and all I could do was lie in bed.

I really hope that my experiences of this will help others to heal their adrenals and nervous system and avoid the physical break down that I went through. I have shared more about this on my page - me and adrenal fatigue

Modern day lifestyles do cause us all stress and it is when we are stressed that we skip doing the healthy things that we are normally doing so our bodies are not getting all the good things:

  • Healthy fresh food replaced by takeaways and junk food
  • Walks and exercise skipped
  • Taking drugs to cope that deplete our magnesium and stress our bodies more
  • Energy Work and Relaxing skipped so the stress builds

 Stress building is actually a BIG issue, because the stress does physically and energetically get stored in our adrenals throughout our whole lives, so if we are not actively reducing stress and calming our adrenals then they become very out of balance and can crash, which is what happened to me. 

The adrenal test I had done showed that the 'stressed adrenals' started years and years ago, most likely when I was a teenager, having constant tonsillitis and taking antibiotics for it, which unknown to me at the time were messing with nature and depleting my adrenals.

I can only imagine how different my life would have been if I had known then what I know now! We can't change our past but we can change our now and our future and I feel that flowing Pure Stillness to your nervous system and adrenals is a great way to keep you healthy!

Not only does this keep us out of stress and feeling healthier, it also feels so much better to be calm too!

Having a calm nervous system has many benefits for us: 

  • We feel calmer
  • We are less stressed and react better to life
  • We are healthier from less stress
  • Our physical bodies will be slimmer without candida being stimulated by out of balance adrenals
  • We are in a better place to help and support others
  • We will ascend / evolve quicker and easier

That's quite a few really good reasons for us to work on our nervous system and receive all these amazing benefits!

Daily remote Filling and Floating to Your Nervous System were requested by one of my clients and so here they are!


 Daily Remote Transmmissions - Mon- Fri

What is so great about these transmissions is that you just don't have to do anything! You just sign up and be open to receive!

Each day for the whole month or 1/2 month I will send Pure Stillness Transmission energies to calm your nervous system and adrenals so you can feel peaceful and healthier!

This not only feels lovely, but also means the Law of Attraction is working to attract more good to you as you are in a higher energy!

You will receive your Pure Stillness to Your Nervous System Transmission remotely each WEEKDAY, so you don't need to do anything after you have signed up, just receive and enjoy feeling these amazing high frequencies!

Daily Email with Infused image! (Mon-Fri)

You will also receive a daily email with an infused image to remind you that Filling and Feeling Pure Stillness is so powerful and will really change your vibration and mood in the moment!

We all do know this but remembering this when we most need it can be a challenge, so having beautifully infused images each day is a great way to be reminded that we can use energy work to Fill and Float us into a better feeling and better realm of energy!

Choose a Whole Month or 1/2 Month

If you have missed the start of the month then you can sign up to start on the 15th instead of having to wait a whole month to have these transmissions.

You can also choose to start on 1st if your finances are tight for you and you'd still like to benefit from these Personal Pure Transmissions.

These 1/2 month transmissions will start on the 1st and 15th of each month, so do book in time to receive all your transmissions!


If you are purchasing as a gift for a loved one, then please do send details of the person to receive the transmissions. 

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