Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness

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Wow, what an amazing experience! 

Can you even imagine having no mind chatter! Probably not!

Feel amazing peace and stillness in your mind, a feeling of nothing, silence no noise, no mind chatter just stillness!


Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness 

An amazing audio that really calms your mind and allows you to get off the merry go round of life.

All this chatter and noise in our minds is working against us feeling Pure Stillness in our minds. It is a totally profound feeling that really is quite hard to describe in words and needs to be experienced!

This is a great audio to shift out of feeling stressed, panic, anxiety and fear. It is most powerful when you listen through headphones and you can play it on loop once you're used to it, and this works really well for extreme fear, anxiety and panic attacks, to calm you and allow you to think again. 


Well basically EVERYONE!

We are all so affected by mind chatter and constant lists of things to do, feelings of not being good enough, worthy, deserving etc  To be free of all of these energies is totally amazing, like living a different life as a different person, floating above all that is going on in the world and around you!

Listening before an important event or occasion will raise your vibration and have you 'floating' through the experience feeling calm and enjoying the moment!

Once you have listened to this audio a few times you can use it enhance my other audios, in particular the Disconnecting audios by listening to this audio before and after one disconnecting audio. You will find that the energies clear out much quicker and easier and listening afterwards will clear the energies away quicker too!

Listening to this audio every day will really raise your vibration and move you into Divine Flow and being able to create the life you want. Using this audio with Disconnecting audios will shift you out of feeling sabotaged so much quicker and easier and have you feeling better than you thought possible!


The Floating energy work on the audio includes:

  • Floating your Mind into Realms of Pure Peace & Pure Stillness
  • Feeling the Pure Power of Pure Peace & Pure Stillness flow through your Mind
  • Feeling Pure Peace, Pure Truth & Pure Stillness in your Mind
  • Floating into the Pure Power of Pure Peace & Pure Stillness
  • Floating - Floating - Floating

And it is working on the following areas of your energy:

  • Your Mind
  • Your Sinuses
  • Your 3rd Eye
  • Your Throat, Communication & Expression
  • Your Spirit & Emotions
  • Your Heart
  • Your Soul
  • Your Energy Field
  • Your Whole Being
  • Your 'I AM Energy'

An incredibly thorough energy session that will have you feeling amazing! Your mind will feel calmer and more peaceful each time you listen, so you experience deeper feelings of stillness and less and less mind chatter and external noise.

This allows you to be more open to feeling and hearing your Divine guidance and inner self, making it easier to discern and stay on course with your Divine purpose. 

It also opens you up to feeling and being in higher realms so you can experience 'happy for no reason' and really connect to and be in the Realms of Pure Creation. 

Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness will make all other energy work so much easier to do! Releasing and disconnecting work will happen with more ease and the energies will clear out so much quicker and easier too!

The more you listen the more you will benefit from the amazing energies of Pure Stillness! Please do check out the listening recommendations below and start slowly!


There is the main track throughout, with two 'echo' tracks fading into and out of your left and right headphones to emphasise the words and energies of 'Pure Stillness' and "Floating'. This makes the audio so much more powerful.

The audio has layers of silent backing tracks to:

  • Clear the releasing energies direct to source so you don't feel them
  • Work on deeper layers of your energy going through all time, space and dimensions
  • Fill and Floating you into the vibration of Pure Love

Audio - mp3 download, Length:  Approx 13.5 mins

If you would like to fill more deeply, then check out my Raise Your Frequency - Pure Stillness audio.

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