Disconnecting from Mind Control
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Disconnecting from Mind Control

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"If you've watched the matrix then you will want this audio!"

Designed to Disconnect you from all mind control, matrixes, grids and dark mind programs that control you.



Disconnecting from Mind Control

It can be very hard to be free of unwanted thought when we are connected to the Matrix and being controlled by that energy.

Being connected to the Matrix is like a massive magnet keeping hold of you, your energy and all those negative and unwanted thoughts. To be free of this we first need to unplugged or switched off from the Matrix magnets so that we are working on just our energy and not the whole Matrix energy.


This audio really is for everyone! There is so much mind programming going on in the world:

  • Programming by society, religions, families and groups of people
  • Programming from the media and TV
  • Subliminal programming hidden in images and symbols
  • Matrix and grids that keep us stuck in repetitive patterns that we can't break free from


When need to disconnect from all mind programming to be and feel totally free and live in freedom!

Disconnecting from all mind programming gives us back our free choice and our personal freedom. When enough people do this then the global matrix will weaken and the whole world will be freeing to live in Love, Light, Peace and Harmony.

  • Claim back your power, free choice and freedom!
  • Feel your heart and soul connection
  • Live through your feelings without the mind chatter and destructive thoughts constantly pop up
  • Feel peace and stillness in your mind
  • Escape the hamster wheel of never ending mind chatter, anxiety, worry, fear and negative patterns!


The audio will disconnect you from:

  • Mind Control
  • Mind Programs
  • Conscious and Unconscious Mind Programming
  • Subliminal Programming
  • Hidden energies in your mind, connecting to and affecting your mind

If you are aware of all the mind programming that we are being subjected to then you really don't need to be told why you need this audio, you will be celebrating that you have found it!


'Peace comes from freedom and freedom comes from feeling and knowing the Truth and having Free Choice.'


 The amount of mind programming and control that is affecting us on a daily basis is huge and there are plans to increase this mind control with human implants and micro chip devices.

We need to value our freedom and right to free choice and disconnect from all mind control and say no to all future planned mind control and programming.

The world will never be in peace and harmony when the majority are being controlled and we have no true freedom.



Main track with two 'echo' tracks fading into and out of your left and right headphones.

Silent several layers of silent multi-layering backing tracks to ensure you don't feel any symptoms as the disconnecting work is being done.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 10 mins

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