Why is it some people suffer a lot of abuse from birth and others don't?

I was asked this question, and the others in bold, and immediately thought that is a great question and the answer to it needs to be shared, because it is so true and relevant for Light Souls, so here goes!

Why is it some people suffer a lot of abuse from the moment they are born through all their lifetime and maybe their siblings are loved by those same parents?

The answer to this is that Light Souls stand out. We don't fit into society or the matrix and our Light Power shines out from birth and others don't like it.

Also we have more than likely been attacked in past lives and have collected a lot of trauma, persecution, fear, abuse and low emotions and so that attracts more trauma and abuse to us in this lifetime.

We are usually the black sheep in the family, the one that doesn't fit in and so we get picked on, whilst other siblings do fit in and so are favoured over us.

We can take it to another level, which some may or may not resonate with, or want to hear, but some believe that we have had past life disputes or wars with the members of our family and so we are born into that family with them to overcome what we didn't succeed at in our previous life or lives.

This lifetime is the lifetime where we can release all our past and stored trauma, abuse and low emotions to be free of it, and this is part of the ascension process. Us doing this, along with other Light Souls is what has raised the frequency of the collective so that we can ascend and so that earth can ascend.

Why are Empaths always bullied and picked on?

Here is the full question for this one:

Why are Empaths always bullied and picked on? It's like people literally cannot stand you when you have done absolutely nothing to them.

Again this is to do with our frequency and our Light. Those doing the bullying are not of a high frequency and they are jealous of our higher frequency.

What we don't realise is that the dark and those doing the attacks are more aware of our energy and how powerful we are than we are! Yes - do read that again!

The dark knows how powerful we are and so they bully us, pick us and full on attack us and we don't need to have done anything to cause or deserve this, it's just because we are Light and the dark are programmed to attack us.

Even people who are not dark can do this because they are in the matrix, and when we do something that goes against the matrix programming they will turn into Agent Smiths and attack us to get us back in line and back in the matrix. They have been programmed to keep everyone in the matrix, making life easier for the programmers! If you've watched The Matrix or George Orwell's 1984 then you see how this works from those movies or the book.

Taking this a step further, some of the dark will get readings on our birth charts if they know our birthdate, (so best not to share your full birth date details), and / or get tarot readings done on us, or contact psychics to check into the Akashic records and learn about us. When they find out how spiritually gifted we are, and our destined life they get very mad and will really become obsessed with attacks us. This is when we can have people try to destiny swap with us, bind us in contracts and do everything they can to keep us stuck, steal our energy and live the life of luxury off our energy and destiny! Sounds out there and wild, but it's true and has happened to many of us without us being aware that this is what has gone on behind the scenes.

All the evil people get the most money and are so well off and they're into bad things to make all that money.

This has been true for sure and it is something that has made me think hard and go deep to find answers to this. There are various reasons for why the evil people get the most money and one of them is that they think and totally believe that they deserve it!

Evil people totally believe that they deserve all the money and that we deserve none!

That might sound ridiculous to some, but it is actually very true. If you read any of the cult rule books then it's in them. They believe they are entitled, they are superior and we are slaves to them.

Because they believe so strongly that they deserve to have money then they attract it, whilst we have been programmed with poverty consciousness so we attract poverty. Their lifestyles support their beliefs of deserving lots of money so they have been in a cycle of wealth and success.

We have been stuck in cycles of lack, poverty, hardship and struggle and that is what we are breaking free of now in this lifetime.

Most of the rich evil people inherit money through their bloodlines, so they start off with riches which makes it easy for them to stay rich, whilst most Light Souls are not born into wealthy families and so it's harder to become rich from a place of lack.

The Universe/ God keeps giving them so much, but nice people with kind hearts are struggling to make money.

It can look like this, but it is actually frequency and stored energies at work here, where we are attracting the stored lack, poverty, struggle and hardship energies in us.

Along with that, the financial system and life is set up to favour the evil rich and keep them rich and controlling us, and to keep us as slaves, working like crazy just to pay the bills. We are taxed on everything and the wealthy know all the loop holes to avoid paying taxes, with off shore bank accounts and trusts. Imagine how much more money you would have if you hadn't paid any tax all your life, or much less than what you have paid?

Natural Law

Natural Law states that: What you sow you reap

But we all know that we have not been reaping all the kindness, caring and good that we have sown.

It is also easy to see that the dark side have not been getting the karma that they should get from the evil they've done. As I've shared before, we only have to look at mass murderers to see this. If Natural Law was working as it should then no one would get the chance to murder more than one person, after the first murder they would be gone from earth in some way.

I've done a lot of asking of questions on why Natural Law has not been working as it should and discovered that Natural Law had been reversed! Like wow, that's major!

The dark reversed Natural Law so that they could do evil and get good, and we do good and get attacked by them. When we look at life around us, we can see that this fits what has been going on more accurately than Natural Law working as it should do.

I have done much energy work on revoking the reversal of Natural Law, which has been very intense, and I've worked on many other issues that are related that I'll share another time.

We are in the Shift to Light and we are starting to see Karma and Justice being served now. Brave Light Warriors have been standing up for truth and have brought it Light for the public to see. This isn't fully mainstream news yet but it soon will be and the 8th April 2024 eclipse will speed up this process for us.

Justice is Being Done! - GESARA

We will see more and more justice being done and a big part of that justice is GESARA and the new Quantum Financial System, which is part Light Consciousness and will not allow the GESARA funds to be used for evil purposes. Anyone doing this will be blocked from the new Quantum Banking System and only those with a Pure heart and going good will have access to this new wealth.

Soon we will see all of this unfold and life will be amazing for us!

We are bringing the frequency of Heaven to Earth, which is the frequency of Pure Unconditional Love, which is so much higher and purer than the current frequency of love on this planet, which is so low that many people confuse it with abuse!

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this article and the questions that I was asked and have answered the best I can. All of this is still unfolding so it will become clearer to us all as it does unfold.

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