What if you just don't feel grateful?

We are hearing so much about being grateful and how we need to be grateful for our lives to improve and for us to attract good to us, and this is so true, but what if you just don't feel any gratitude at all?


Well I totally get this, because I have been in the situation and more than once! and then I would bad and guilty that I couldn't feel any gratitude and would think I must be a really uncaring ungrateful person to not be grateful for anything in my life - but that's not quite true! Because of course I was grateful for many things in my life, my two beautiful daughters for a start, but being grateful and feeling grateful aren't quite the same thing. I am always grateful that I have my loving two girls in my life, but at times, when my life has been so bad and low and when I have felt so ill and stuck in low energies, I haven't been able to feel this gratitude, because . . . well, I was swamped and surrounded by bad energies.

First of all, I'd like to say if you don't feel any gratitude, then that is ok and it is honest! It is how you feel, and trying con yourself that you don't feel that way isn't the way out of how you feel.  Some of us have a very strong inner connection to ourselves and we know when we are trying to make ourselves feel or believe something that we don't and it just doesn't work! We need to be open and honest with ourselves to get to the route of the issue and move forwards.

I would try and find something to be grateful for, thinking about people who were worse off than me, more sick etc but then I would just feel angry and think why do any of us have to be ill, suffering and not feeling happy. Somehow feeling that my life was less miserable than someone else's just didn't resonate and work for me, because the Truth is that we all deserve to be happy and that is our inner core and connection to Divine source energy or God. So if we feel and know that connection then it is understandable to not feel grateful that you are so distant from being closely connected to inner happiness, peace, love and all that we are. We can't con our Divine connection!

So if we honestly don't feel gratitude, what do we do?

Well, I read a really good quote on twitter I think the other day that said something like:-

If you can't find anything to be grateful for then be grateful of what you have escaped!

Now this totally resonated with me and I thought wow I really could have done with that insight a few years ago! Because I can totally feel the energy in that! I can honestly connect to feeling instant gratitude for escaping some of the bad times in my life! So I really hope that you have a similar feeling and if you can't feel grateful or find any good in your life, then truly feel pleased that you have escaped a worse situation, so your life is getting better.

I think also that there can be some resistance around the word gratitude. Almost like we are having it forced upon us by the 'spiritual world', so if you are feeling this resistance then this is going to make it really hard to connect and feel gratitude.  Personally I don't resonate with the word gratitude, I understand the principle and the value in being grateful, but out of choice I wouldn't use those words much, I would chose feel pleased, or happy, find something to be excited about or find something that makes you feel good.

If a word triggers you then change it!

Yes really!  Why fight how you feel about a word, when you can use a different word to get the same or better results! It is the results that we desire and the word or tool we use to get the results isn't as important as the shift we make into higher vibrations and feeling good.

So what word resonates with you?  Or what question do you need to ask yourself to start the inner search for things that make you feel good?


  • What makes me feel good?
  • What will make me feel better than I do right now in this moment?

When we ask these kind of questions the universe will look for answers for us and we will find something that makes us feel better, and here are a few things that make me feel better, so if you don't get any instant answers then please do try out some of mine! :)

Smelling rose scents - candles, oil, creams etc

Rescue Remedy is amazing if you are in state of panic and will bring you into calm!

I also will say to myself:

"Divine Peace fills me now, or Divine Love fills me now"

- sounds nothing, but try it and see, it really works!


Listening to some uplifting music or watching a funny or uplifting You Tube clip.

Listening to my audios!

Holding crystals - selenite is my favourite! I used to carry it around with me ALL the time and would hold it in my hand whenever I was out, especially in crowded places. Now I have it around my home and in my car and sleep with it under my pillow! but I feel like I need to carry it around with me all the time, which shows improvement and is super cool!

So noticing improvements in my life will make me feel good!

And then when all else fails, there is chocolate! Yes really! I eat dark chocolate because it is low in sugar and high in magnesium and is therefore very good at helping you feel better! 

(If you are feeling depressed then you may well need to take magnesium supplements)

So I do really hope that the above information and insights that I have shared with you have helped you to stop feeling bad or guilty if you don't feel gratitude and to help you find ways to feel good - which is what feeling gratitude is intended to do.

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