The Wisdom of Pure Flow!

Pure Flows

That statement has so much knowledge, wisdom, Truth and power in it, but most people just don’t seem to feel, know or hear the message!

I believe that the energy of the world, and therefore also the reality we live in, would change pretty quickly if people understood energy and how it works.

I often use the analogy of flowing water in a stream. When the water is freely flowing and bubbling over rocks the water is pure, natural water and is safe to drink. When the water is blocked or damned and not moving freely it becomes stagnant, bacteria and algae can grow and it's not pure to drink.


The same is true of all energy, whether we can see it flowing or not.

Take the chi energy flowing through our meridians in our physical human body, the same applies. We are healthy when the chi is flowing freely, and become ill in some way when the chi is blocked.

We can take another example for spirit and emotions. When we are happy, we feel free, alive, inspired and creative. When we're not happy then we become depressed, closed in, uninspired and more like we're existing than really living. This is the same as the story about the Nightingale bird that sang beautifully in the forests but stopped singing when it was caged up. The song was an expression of joy, happiness and freedom and the bird needed to be free to feel this Pure energy and sing so beautifully.

Pure Source Energy is freedom, joy, love, abundance, truth, integrity.

When this energy is free flowing then life just flows and all is good. When this energy is stopped, blocked, projected into other false energies then the pureness is lost and we have a fake equivalent. 

Fake is not Pure! 

We live in a world full of fake, where fake is worshipped and adorned and Pure is squashed and attacked.

When humanity values Pure more than fake then how everyone interacts with each other will really change, because those living through truth, integrity and love and compassion will never choose to harm others and so no police, law, authority will be needed. Anyone doing wrong to others will be 'policed' by the community, pretty much like 'flagging' posts on Steemit. 


Why Do People Not Understand Energy?

Well that is because, as I said above, if people understood energy then we would create 'Peace on Earth',  with 'Flowing Abundance for all with a Pure Heart and Soul' and we would repel all evil from earth!

Therefore all entities not wanting this result are going to do everything in their power to stop humans from fully knowing and understanding about energy.

In a previous post I talked about “Shining Light & Truth on New Age Beliefs’, because it is essential to evil that those looking for enlightenment and Truth do not find it! If the movement towards desiring and seeking Truth is too big to control then the next option is to infiltrate and corrupt it.

The easiest way to control a population is to give them the illusion that they are free whilst they are under some kind of mind control.

Those following the New Age Beliefs think they are free, and becoming more aware, and raising their frequency, but this is a false illusion, because the infiltration of this movement by the dark programming of the New Age beliefs is intentionally keeping people in mind programming, false beliefs, anchoring to evil energies in earth, and well just not raising their frequency, whilst they are thinking they are more aware and are spreading good to others - now that is what you sly!!

Let’s go back to this simple principle of nature:

Pure Flows

Pure Source Energy exists naturally in the universe and is the highest energy we have.

This energy flows freely to anyone and everything, unless it is being blocked from flowing.

For evil to exist on earth then Pure Energy is being blocked, because evil is repelled by Pure and so both cannot exist in the same space at the same time.

Everything that is blocking Free Flowing Pure Source Energy has come from an evil source / intention, because Pure is Pure and cannot block itself!

When Pure Source Energy is able to flow freely to earth, and to and through everyone, and all energy on earth, then we will live in a completely different reality of Pure Natural Existence on Earth, in Peace, Love, Abundance and Harmony.

To achieve this we need to use Pure Intention with Pure Quantum Observation to set Pure Intentions for this to happen.

Pure Intention Statement for Pure Flows

“Pure Intention uses the Power of Quantum Observation to intend that 

Pure Source Energy flows freely to earth, and to and through all beings and life on earth, 

Creating a new human existence of Pure Love, Light, Peace, Abundance for all Pure Souls living on earth and repelling all evil off earth.”

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