The Power of Multiplication or Linking! Quantum Entanglement

We all know the more times you do something the bigger the result is going to be. 

For a simple example you could stand at the sink and wash dishes one at at time and each time you wash a dish you have one more clean dish, but if you had a dishwasher that you put 30 dishes in then each time you load the dishwasher then 30 dishes are being washed. If you had a bigger dish washer or more than one dishwasher you could wash even more dishes in the same time.

The more we can do the same thing at the same time then the bigger and better the result. 


Releasing Energy Work

This principle applies to doing energy work on people. You can spend 30 minutes doing energy work on one person and that helps one person feel better, or you can do a live session with 40 to 40,000 people and help more people. Knowing this, it becomes more productive to work with groups of people rather than on a one to one basis.

Quantum Entanglement

Scientists have discovered that if you do something to one particle or group then linked particles will act in the same way AT THE SAME TIME.

Here is an explanation from

Quantum entanglement is one of the central principles of quantum physics, though it is also highly misunderstood. In short, quantum entanglement means that multiple particles are linked together in a way such that the measurement of one particle's quantum state determines the possible quantum states of the other particles. This connection isn't depending on the location of the particles in space. Even if you separate entangled particles by billions of miles, changing one particle will induce a change in the other.
Even though quantum entanglement appears to transmit information instantaneously, it doesn't actually violate the classical speed of light because there's no "movement" through space.

If that went in one ear and out the other, then here is a simpler example! Imagine 1,000 people in various countries across the world that are linked in some way, same belief, current emotion or thought in their head. With quantum entanglement you can act / influence one person in this group and the rest of the group, with quantum entanglement intention, will respond in the same way. 

I can remember an experiment were liquid in a dish was spun and it through quantum entanglement caused other dishes of liquid to also spin. Obviously there is some strong linking going on here or all liquid across the planet would start to spin! So this does really show the power of linking as well as the power of quantum entanglement. 

Evil has been using linking on us in ways that would blow your mind! I discovered it when doing releasing energy work on one issue and it felt really blocked, like solid concrete energy blocked and I had the feeling that this issue was linked to another issue. When I did energy work to 'unlink' the two issues and then released on the first issue again the releasing was much freer and easier with the stuck / blocked feeling gone or much less. 


Linking is a little bit like anchoring a boat in the habour so it won't float away. The more anchors you have on a boat the harder it is to move the boat, because pulling up one anchor isn't enough you have to pull up all the anchors, but if all the anchors were all linked then pulling up one anchor would pull them all up. 

When doing energy work it is easier to unlink the issues and then release them than try to release them all, which is overload. 

We can also using linking to our advantage. 

We know that working on a group of people is more productive than working on people individually, but we can also work on particles of energy, or specific frequency of energy, and if using the intention that works with quantum entanglement it will work on all frequencies of that energy at the same time, regardless of distance, which is mind blowing and incredibly powerful and I do use quantum entanglement when working on world issues or cosmic to make it possible to release that volume of energy. 

When we think of the control and power evil has had over humanity, it highly likely that quantum entanglement is being used on us in many hidden ways. Below is a release you can add your intention to:

"The Full Pure Power of the Universe, Cosmos, Pure Source Energy uses Quantum Entanglement and Pure Intention to Release and Purify all particles of evil using Quantum Entanglement against Humanity."

Matrix and Grids

We have been linked through energy in matrices and grids, (I say have on purpose because so much work has been done to free us from the matrix and delete it.) Well to be more accurate, low and impure energy is being linked through matrices and grids, because Pure energy flows freely and doesn’t need to be linked because it free flowing.

All lower frequencies of energy are linked, so all fear energy is linked and all trauma energy is linked. Using the Law of Quantum Entanglement it should be possible to do releasing energy work on one particle of energy and all linked particles would receive the same energy or act in the same way as the one particle.

I’ve already chatted about Quantum Observation, in my article Changing the Outcome & The Power of Observing! What if we were to use both of these principles together?

What if we could use the power of Pure Intention and Quantum Observation to ‘Release all energies using Quantum Entanglement’?

An Energy Statement using Quantum Observation & Quantum Entanglement

To link and connect this I'm feeling that the best way to do this is to connect to something in you that you wish to be released. If using fear then think of something or an event that triggers you to feel fear and whilst in that energy say the following releasing statement. 

"The Full Pure Power of Pure Source uses Pure Intention and the Highest and Purest Energy to Quantum Observe the Releasing of the feeling / sensation / frequency of fear in me, and through Quantum Entanglement releases all fear frequency through all existence now."

Please note:

I have set Pure Intentions that all lower energies released are Divinely purified or kept separate from us in some way, so that is all included whenever anyone reads my work or listens to my audios.

You can change the energy being released for any unwanted emotion, feeling, belief that you want gone. The more specific you are with your intentions, the powerfully it will work for you. (ie if you release all fear of heights or fear of falling then that will work more powerfully for you than releasing all fear.) You can zoom in on a specific incident and release that incident and when done really powerfully you can have the result of that incident disappearing and you not being able to think of it again, which is awesome when working on trauma and abuse energy.

I have used 'fear' far too generally here just because we have too much fear on earth, and everyone resonates with fear, so each time someone reads the above statement it is reducing the amount of fear on earth, so that's pretty cool and was my biggest intention! :)

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