The Global Shift & A New Way of Living!

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Well I say 'A New Way of Living', but actually it is very, very old! It's the way we used to live before industry and technology took over, and the way natives still live today. I'm not referring to lack of industry and technology though, I'm talking about how we have  lost touch with nature and our inner instincts that guide us so well. 

We are all so programmed by society to live by rules and regulations and to think our way through our lives. This is such a large block for so many people that I was guided to write 'Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self,' to help people see past this programming and break free!

Many people think that those who 'follow their hearts' are silly and irresponsible! Well good news is that the 'Global Energy' coming in is bringing us back into harmony and balance with ourselves, nature and our planet.

Life has reached a point of being so out of balance, too much bad, evil, wars, abuse, greed etc going on that a total turn around is needed and is being achieved.


  • Many are working on natural energy through solar, wind, wave and even plant power to bring us natural energy.
  • People are being more compassionate towards the homeless and more is being done to help them.
  • Organic is becoming more popular and people are choosing this over junk food.
  • I even read somewhere that kindness is the new 'black dress!'

People are awakening to the false claims of politicians and saying no to GMO, Chem Trails, Vaccinations and excess drug use to heal and turning to organic and natural solutions.

When we have an 'Open Heart' we are connected to Divine Energies, flow & nature. We have an in built desire to be in harmony with nature and repel all that is artificial and destroying us and our world.

Opening our heart energy and living through our feelings will hugely raise the vibration of our world and make 'Peace on Earth' possible.  Those truly connected to their heart energy are already working with the global energies to create 'Peace & Heaven on Earth.'

What the new global energies are desiring now is for us to connect to our True Love, Soul Mate, Twinflame and really amplify this power. Two Awakened Light people connecting in Love have so much 'Love & Light Power' to send out into the world and create peace, love, balance and harmony.

Money has been an energy of greed and control and this is shifting vibration to a high vibration energy of Love, Compassion and Caring Expression, so those kind, caring souls who have struggled with abundance will now finally be able to shift into higher vibrations and more money flowing in!

But change tends to create chaos as the change happens! So there will be some global chaos in the next month or so, which isn't new to us, but we can float above this chaos in 'Our Heart Energy' and send Love & Light to it, to reduce the amount of chaos happening during the shift from August & September onwards.

I have been guided to do an Amazing & Powerful 'Opening Your Heart Package' to help us move into our heart energy, and out of our minds, so we can live through our feelings and stop over analysing thoughts and beliefs. It can be hard to go against the majority, but it is so much easier when our Heart Energy is Open and Flowing. 

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