How Can I Heal Myself?

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Have You Tried Everything without Success?

Whether it is a physical illness, emotional issue or some kind of block in your life, even being stuck in lack, the answer is the same for all issues:

Stop trying to heal it, fix, make it go away and fill it with Love instead!



Now I totally understand that may not make any sense to you, because I have been there, so let me explain what this really means.

All our thoughts, beliefs and actions are energy that are sending out a vibration into the universe, a bit  like when you tap a tuning fork it vibrates and we hear a sound. If we were to tap a wine glass then that would send out a different sound, and the shape and size of each wine glass would also change the sound. The same applies to our thoughts, beliefs and actions, each is sending out a different vibration to the universe.

So if we are sending out a need to heal / fix / get rid of vibration into the universe, then the universe will respond (Law of Attraction, Like attracts Like) and send us back more need to heal / fix / get rid of vibrations, which is keep us stuck in the illness, situation, lack etc.

However if we send out ' I fill myself, my health, my emotions, this issue, my finances with Divine Love, then universe will respond by also filling all of these with Divine Love, so you have now changed the energy going to these issues from a negative to a positive.

The more we use the Power of the Universe to help us the easier our life becomes and eventually our life will be easy and in Divine flow when find our True Inner Selves and do what makes our hearts sing.

When you send Love to Yourself then the universe supports you in Loving You.


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