Has the Tide Finally Turned on Injustice?

Justice Michelle Carter Truth

There is so much injustice in the world and often this is because people are too afraid, embarrassed or feel shamed to speak the truth. 

However, the tide has finally turned and people are now willing to stand up and not just speak out about injustice, but are willing to take positive action to create change. So huge YAY to that!!

Take the issue of Raif Badawi who was sentenced to 1000 lashes and ten years in prison. Public outcry at this injustice has been huge worldwide, and he has only received one set of lashings because of this public outcry at the barbaric nature of this punishment for  . . .  writing blog articles!  

Many people are still campaigning for him to be released from prison and reunited with his family. I have and will continue to send much Love, Light, Truth & Justice to Raif, this injustice and all other injustices.

Overturning out dated and totally unfair laws, rules and regulations may not seem to be an easy task for you or I to do, but when we all join together and speak with group power, then it becomes harder to ignore, which is exactly what happened with the lashings of Raif.

So let's not stop there - let us use the snowball affect and continue to speak out against injustice and take action to get these injustices overturned, get laws and rules to be changed, to support and serve the victims of crime not the perpetrators.

Take child abuse . . . the statistics show that in 99% of all reported cases of child abuse, the child was actually abused, yet one child being abused is not enough evidence, (without actual physical evidence) to take court action. The law wants more than one child to be abused before it is going to take any action - now how totally twisted and wrong is this?

It is also shocking to hear that in over 90% of cases of sexual abuse to children is done by someone known to the child. So in most cases when the sexual abuse is uncovered it is then swept back under the carpet, so as not to cause a scene, upset people, split up a family or spoil someone's reputation. Is this acceptable, honest, trustworthy adult behaviour? No of course it isn't. Most parents and teachers will tell children they should tell the truth and be honest, then when it comes to crunch time, adults will not do this themselves. They will avoid, hide and even lie rather than face the truth, be honest and do the right thing.

Should we not be doing everything we can in our power to protect our innocent children? Shouldn't we be going with the 99% statistic of abuse, not defending the 1%?

We cannot teach children to be truthful and honest and live with high morals and integrity if we don't do it ourselves and if the laws of society don't support this.

How has society become so wrapped up in rules and regulations, that common sense and compassion have gone out the window?

It is really is so hard for victims of child abuse to be able to speak about it. When they do, they need much support, compassion and most of all they need to be believed and they need to see that justice is done. 

Why should a victim of any crime live in fear of being attacked if they speak out? 

Why do victims get a worse time than the abusers? 

This is not good enough and needs to be changed and I sincerely send out the intention that the world will pick up on these issues and speak out and take action just as they have for Raif.

It is time for all systems of justice to be looked at and be reviewed. 

If you have any influence in this area then please stand up for justice. 

If you don't then please share this article & Click on this Link to help Action Be Taken

Your Vote WILL Make a Difference.

If we want justice - we need to take action to make it happen!


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