Frequency - Understanding How Different Frequencies Affect Us

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I had some feedback on my Free from Evil Audio 1 and Audio 2, asking me the difference between the two audios as she could feel that Audio 2 was more intense to work with and going deeper. This got me thinking about frequency and analyzing deeper, especially with creating my new Shift the Frequency Audios.

My question to myself was if I and others have worked with all of my Free of Evil Audios then why is there so many releasing on other energies such as trauma, rejection, fear and so on. The answer to this came back straight away, and that is that evil is a frequency, and it is a different frequency to any other frequency, just as the frequency of physical abuse is a different frequency to emotional abuse.

I'm sure you have all heard of Dr Richard Hawkins Scale of Human Consciousness, which I shared back in 2013 when first working on low emotions. We can see from the picture or table view of this scale that the different emotions have a different frequency and some are very low and damaging and others are less damaging but still undesirable. What is missing from that Scale of Emotions is the frequency of evil.

Having just done a search for this scale to share with you, especially those of you who may not have seen it or know what I'm talking about, it is interesting to see that the scale's lowest frequency is shame at 20. When I was reading Dr Hawkins' book on Power vs Force in 2013, his book included the frequencies of depression, despair and suicide and he said, quite rightly that the frequency of suicide is just above death, because when in that frequency we are very close to death.

I personally feel that the calibration numbers of this scale are off, but it does give an overall idea of the frequency of different emotions. I would put suicidal at the bottom at around 5 and depression, despair, hopelessness above it at 10. Also I would put fear way lower than 100, and definitely below apathy. When someone is stuck and paralyzed in fear, it's a state of total panic, freak out, can't think straight, close to hallucinating if not addressed and allowed to grow. And desire below anger? Desire can be very positive and motivating, depending on what it is, but I'm sharing the image to give an overall visual image of this scale and the point that some frequencies are more damaging and dangerous to us than others.

Trauma and abuse are very damaging frequencies and they are also missing from this scale. I personally feel that those frequencies are very low indeed and would be under shame, I mean they are attacks on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being, so anything that is directly attacking us is a very low and damaging frequency. I would even go as far to say that pretty much all of the low emotions of shame and above come from some kind of abuse, trauma and attacking energies.

When it comes to working on our energy, I feel that we need to work on the frequencies that are most dangerous and damaging to our health and well being. In my opinion those frequencies would be evil, suicidal, attacks, sabotage, abuse and trauma. I would include all forms of black, magic, demons, dark entities, energy vampires and energy harvesting all under the bracket of evil.

As I've already said, I do believe that pretty much everything we experience comes from those frequencies, so they are ones that we really need to work on and removing.

Once we have worked on the most damaging frequencies, we can then focus on those frequencies and life experiences that are affecting you the most from your own life journey this lifetime, or that you're feeling are affecting you from past lives.

If that sounds overwhelming then let me give you some hope! I do feel that there will come a point with our own energy when our overall frequency rises to a level when the low emotions can no longer exist in us and will start to be repelled by your higher frequency, so don't panic and think you will be doing energy work for ever! This is the importance of Filling and Floating your energy, because we want to feel good for one and we want to raise the overall frequency of all of our energy, past lives the lot to be so high that we naturally repel all that is lower than our frequency, including any stored frequencies in your energy.

So the task we have to ascend is to work on the really damaging frequencies evil, suicidal, attacks, sabotage, abuse and trauma​ because we don't want to be attracting any more of these to us, or re-living any memories from them and to then work on whatever frequencies are most affecting us. I know from being brought up as a Catholic that guilt has been a huge issue for me to shift out of, whereas other people might be more by betrayal, shame, poverty, anger, jealousy, grief etc, so it is about us knowing what energies are causing us issues the most and zooming in on those.

I felt now was a good time to go deeper with this information, with me creating new audios to Shift your Frequency, so that you can all have clarity on what frequencies are a priority and will give you the most benefit. For example, working on anger is good, but if your anger is coming from abuse and sabotage then it's not going to fully clear until the cause of the anger has been worked on.

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