Do You Have a Dream?

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Are You Following Your Dream?

Do you feel excited about your life, or at least one area of your life? Do you feel happy every day for no real reason?  Are you grateful for all you have?  Do you have more big dreams & inspirations?



If you answers to the above questions are Yes, then that's fantastic, well done!  You are following your dreams.

If you have more no answers then yes answers and if your life seems to be a struggle and you hate your job, have no real passions or hobbies then you are not following your dream.

Life is meant to be fun!  You are supposed to enjoy living!  (Now I have been through rough times when life was pretty bad and I felt like I was just existing, so I know how it feels to struggle through life), but I always believed that there was more to life, that life shouldn't be this hard and that there should be some FUN!  :)

So if you feel like your life is a struggle, lacking in fun and is more of existing in a rut from day to day than feeling excited and grateful to be alive then it is time to make some changes!

First you need to list all of things that you really love to do, all the things that make you happy & want to sing and dance for no reason!

Next you need to add at least of them into your life!  Once you start to awaken the passion inside you, you become more excited and enthusiastic about your life and making more changes will become easier.

If you can't think of any then remember what you loved when you were younger and work with that.  If you still can't think of anything then try something new!  A new sport, learn to dance, art class, musical instrument, cooking.  You do have many talents, we all do, so have fun experimenting until you find something that really appeals to you.  You will never know how good you could be at something if you don't try it!

Remember that success in anything is achieved ONE small step at a time.  So what small step are you going to take today towards your future success - towards a happier life - towards following your dream!

Enjoy your life - follow your dream!

There is more information and  help on how to feel your inner self and move into a happier life in my book Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self. Do remember that every successful person has used self-improvement books, tools and coaches to help them along the way.

At the Olympics all the athletes were thanking their teams for their support - we all need support with something at sometime! 


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