Do You Chat to Your Soul?

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You might think that is a strange question to ask, or maybe not at all, but I do chat to my soul & soul guidance all the time and I was just commenting on a post in one of my Facebook groups about my guidance and I wrote:

I chat to my soul guidance like it is an invisible friend!

Which is just so true, I will chat away in my head and even out loud sometimes, (not so good in public!) and I do really consider my guidance to be like a person that I can't see. I will even argue with my guidance at times, which is really amusing, because both I and my guidance know that eventually it will find a way to get me to do what it wants!

For example a few years ago, I was invited by Shefali Burns to do a 'Live Video Call' with her. Well having only just released enough to deal with public speaking and telephone calls, I felt horror at this suggestion and politely declined and opted for the usual tele seminar!

Later that year I was invited on her show again, Awaken to Happiness Now, and again there was the option to do a video call and again I was very definitely thinking a BIG NO!  However, my guidance thought I should be doing video and the subject came up in a couple of conversations and I thought, well maybe one day in the very distant future I may do it, but definitely not now!

My guidance, has an amazing way of knowing how to work around me when I slam the front door in it's face and it will just quietly go and look for the back door or a window that is slightly open and go in that way! So on my next group call, a lady brought up the issue to be released, 'fears of being seen'. When she said this I couldn't help laughing, because I instantly felt that it was my guidance at work, knowing that as I released on these fears for the lady that I was also releasing on my own fears of being seen too! And because I had laughed on the call, I felt I should explain why I suddenly started to giggle, to the lady and everyone listening and then she said straight away, Michelle yes you should do video calls, we'd all love to see you on video and raved about how great I would be, which really touched my heart and made me feel emotional and think well maybe if so many people are going to benefit and enjoy me being on video, then maybe I should do it. (Which was the exact aim of my guidance, for me to see the benefits to others and focus on that and not my own fears, so 2/2 to my guidance, for getting me to release on it on a call and to get me to see the benefits to all the people I help, rather than the fears!)

The next step my guidance took was to start telling me, as I'm having a quite chilling walk along the beach that 'I am going to do the video call!'  So I answer back, no I'm not! and we have a little argument for a while and then I hear, 'You Can Do This, Just Be You', and again that was spot and resonated with me, because I instantly had this feeling that 'yes I can be me, that is easy, I am me, I'm the only one who is me and I can be me! From that stemmed the added realisation that if 'I am Me' then people can choose to either like me or dislike me for being me, so I will only attract people into my life who like me for just being me!  Which sounded awesome after several failed relationships!

My guidance had very cleverly gone around to the back door and won me over! Once I decided that I could do the video call then it was easy to release on any other doubts and issues that came up and my guidance was there in the back ground supporting and helping me the whole time.

So back to my original question - Do You Chat to Your Soul? and if you don't then try it, because it is truly an amazing experience that will really enhance your life.


My guidance also told me I should write a book, and told me to get it published.
When I didn't publish it, I had an email appear in my email box saying 'Do you have a book that needs publishing?' A nudge to take action, I mean how cool is that!
Meanwhile, my book is now published - Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self.

So please start to talk to your soul guidance now, you will be so happy you did.  Chat to your own invisible friend and see how much support and companionship you will discover!

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