Child Abuse Awareness - Do you know this?


It is a very sad fact that there are millions of people who have and are suffering from abuse. All types of abuse are very emotionally damaging and some victims may never receive the advice, help, love, support and belief that they need to fully recover.

Society seems to want to ignore and turn a blind eye to all the abuse that is going on and this has to be particularly true of sexual abuse and sexual child abuse.  It appears that people would prefer to 'not get involved' than stand up for the truth and support those is so much need.

It really is time all this changed.

Children who have been sexually abused are usually far to frightened to speak out about what has happened. Often they don't even know that what has happened to them is abusive behaviour, because they are told it is a game, and even though they don't like the game, they tend to trust and believe that the older person knows better.

Also, it is frightening to hear that 90% of child abuse is done by someone known to the child and this includes child sexual abuse, so if the child knows and trusts that person why would they think that this person would intentionally abuse them?

If someone said to you, someone in your family is being sexually abused by another family member, what would you think? How would you feel? The first thought is that this cannot happen in your family, it happens to other people and other families - but someone is those other people and those other families, and that someone could well be in your family.

There is so much unspoken trust involved in families and family bonds, even if the family doesn't get on that well, there is still a deep family connection that somehow makes it so hard to believe that someone in your family would abuse another member of the family. The programming that families love each other goes SO deep that we just believe and trust this is so, even if we don't really get on.

So to find out that a member of your family has broken this trust and has been abusing someone in your family is a huge, huge shock that really needs so much love, compassion and support to comes to terms with it and to heal.

Those being abused by a family member are isolated, alone, scared and very, very distressed and confused. It takes a major incident for the truth to be brought to Light, and that is often the start of more hurt, upset and a whole new situation to deal with.

There are so many issues to deal with, feeling it is your fault and being blamed, feeling humiliated and that you are not good enough, or you did something to cause this to happen to you. Then once people know, there is the not being believed, and often being accused of being promiscuous and causing the abuse even when the abuse has happened to a young child.

We all need to become more open, to listen without judging, to be willing to be compassionate and to definitely stand up for the truth. In 99% of reported cases of child abuse, the child has been abused. It is so rare for a child to make this up, we owe it to all children to believe first.

More and more cases of repeated sexual abuse are coming to light now. Once one really brave person stands up and says it happened to them then more people feel safe to do the same. The more victims see that it is safe to speak out and that someone will listen and believe them, then the easier it will become for others to speak up when the abuse is happening, and not years later, after all that emotional suffering and damage.

It is time the suffering is stopped, it is time to short cut the emotional trauma and pain, not just of child abuse, but all abuse, physical, emotional, bullying and trying to control people's lives. Everyone has the right to live their life in freedom and happiness.

I honour and praise every person who stands up to any and all abuse, it takes huge courage and I truly hope that you feel really proud of yourselves for doing this and helping others with your brave actions.

So what action can be taken to prevent so much child abuse? 

If your child or a child you know says they don't want to visit your family then please, please let alarm bells ring - why don't they want to go? Children are usually far more tuned into a person's genuine character than adults, with all the programming we have picked up and the musts and mustn't dos etc.

If a child is withdrawn or acting out of character, then why is this happening? There will usually be some kind of bullying or abuse going on to cause this. Please don't be too busy to notice. Please don't be too unaware to see the signs.

Knowledge and education is of course the answer. Child sexual abuse can start at around the age of 5, so if all children were educated at school, and told that no-one has the right to undress them and touch private parts of their body and if they do then they are breaking the law, children would know that is behaviour is not a game and if they are told it is a game, then they are being lied to.

If you know anyone, any organisations, any politicians who can make this happen, then please take action and share this article with them and ask them to help protect all children in all countries to be safe.  Children are innocent and need our protection.

To anyone who has or is being abused, then please know that taking action is empowering, and when you feel empowered you move out of fear and being controlled and this is the positive and productive action you can take to help yourself and others.

Learn to Love Yourself and know that you are pure inside and you can dig deep and connect to your inner self and find true happiness, and I truly hope that my book Loving You will help you to believe this is possible and inspire you to take control of your life and to do what makes you happy.

Much Love, Light & Divine Blessings  -   Michelle

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