Can You Feel Your Soul Guidance?

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So what is happening when you can't feel your soul guidance?

Some people have a strong connection to their soul and inner purpose and know what their life purpose and feel strong guidance and some people try really hard to receive guidance and just don't seem to feel the guidance coming through.

So what is happening when you can't feel your soul guidance?



Well to answer that question we need to understand energy and layers of hidden energy that block us from feeling either our heart energy or our soul guidance.

It is easier to explain and understand if we talk about our heart energy, as we can all identify with the feelings of being rejected, unwanted and unloved. When we feel any of these emotions we build a barrier around our heart energy, thinking this will protect us from getting hurt again. All of this happens subconsciously and we aren't aware that we are actually cutting ourselves from feeling Pure Love by doing this. The more we add layers then the more cut of we feel, the more isolated and less trust we have in others, which becomes a negative cycle that is difficult to break out of.

Now this same pattern happens around our soul, but to do with our beliefs around our Divine Connection and the Truth. This builds up over many lifetimes so we can be born with many layers around our soul, cutting us off from our guidance.

So how can we connect to our soul and soul guidance?

If you are feeling cut off and not getting the guidance and messages through then you need to release the barriers around your soul.  A releasing statement that I would use is something like:-

I ask Divine Light to fill, remove and release direct to source all energies blocking you from feeling your soul connection and to fill all space created with Divine Light.

This is a very powerful 'releasing statement'. If you don't feel any energies releasing when you say it to yourself then you will need a Higher Energy to release these blocks for you. (As Einstein discovered, a problem (or block) cannot be resolved with the same energy that created it.)

So if you are feeling disconnected from your soul and would like to be connected to your soul then you will find my 'Releasing Soul Barrier Audio Package' will really help you to shift those layers of blocked energy and feel and be more open to your soul and Divine connection and guidance.

If you would like support from myself and like-minded souls during this process, which everyone finds really invaluable, as so many people feel physically isolated as well as being cut off from their guidance, then you can join my membership group, which includes a FREE monthly Live Call as well as various daily Remote Energy Work, depending on which option you choose.

So don't stay isolated and struggling alone, connect with me, my group and your guidance and live a life where you feel loved and supported, just for being you.

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