Are You Under Spells & Curses?

As I work more and more with people who are experiencing struggle and issues in some area of their lives, the more it seems that spells, curses and black magic will pop up as being a cause of some of these issues. It therefore seems to me that starting to release and eliminate spells and curses is a really good starting point and not what to do when nothing else has worked which is what usually tends to happen!



Many people do ask me: 

"How do I know if I have spells, curses or black magic on me?"

My answer to this is if you feel you do then you most likely do. All invisible energy work is done through feelings, and we are so programmed to be in our minds with thinking, logic, being rational to the point of ridiculing and laughing at anything that is outside of this narrow belief system.

When we open up to the possibility that so much more exists outside of what our minds currently believe and also outside of what we can see with our physical vision, then huge change really can happen!

I know if someone has spells, curses or black magic on them through feeling if they have and then feeling the energy as it releases. If I'm doing energy work on someone and I'm not entirely sure, then I will release on dark and evil energies attacking and then on spells and feel which has the greatest energy leaving. Sometimes it will be spells and sometimes it will be dark attacking.

Here are some issues that are usually are spells and curses:

  • Being accident prone
  • Feeling unlucky
  • Being picked on
  • Grey hair
  • Baldness
  • Crooked teeth and some teeth issues
  • Repeated broken relationships
  • Loosing money & financial struggle
  • Loosing belongings and cherished items
  • Having things go wrong in a repeated way
  • Having things go wrong after connected with the same person, group or entity
  • Repeated health issues that just don't go away

If you resonate with any of the above then you are mostly likely being affected by this evil spell, curse and black magic energy. Quite often when someone is under spells and curses then it is a bigger issue than they know and so releasing this energy and all the spells, curses and black magic can be such a freeing and wonderful process!

When someone is really thick with spells and curses then they may experience some initial 'nasty incidents' as the spells are released and leave, but even this is worth living through to be free of having spell and curse energy on you.

Of course, many people don't believe in this type of energy, and to be honest I suppose I didn't really either until I started to release it from me and others and felt the change in myself and heard about the changes in others!

However, when you feel and notice the difference it makes to your life when you have this energy released and removed then you do become a believer, even if you weren't before!

Many people are full aware of how much black magic is being used on us all globally through symbols on our physical money, company logos and through rituals such as baptism, religious ceremonies, spiritual events, full moons and so much more . . . . 

We really do need an easy and safe way to be free of this energy. 


Title: Spells, curses and dark energy attacks
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Rachel Lees ()

Never let the mind take control and spiral into despair, paranoya, grief and illness! I did and even ended up in the insane asylum for a month which is no fun, being subject to the whims of the mad men and women who work there and liberally give out drugs, irrelevant if you need them, nor how harmful they can be....I was literally living in Hell and when I could do no more of my own free will, which was practically nonexistant, I turned to Michelle, to release, clear and work on curses and spells as I KNEW was the cause of the so-called mental illness of which they talked. It didnt take long before her powerful work took effect and sharing with me the process I was able to begin to see the Light and slowly gain my self will, self love and choice back to start to look to the future, and not only the past, and believe that life could be more than this living hell, which losing hope and joy is! Michelle is a powerful, sincere, meticulous healer who I have worked with many times before, but these days, dark attack is more prevalent, so I highly recommend not suffering or being misdiagnosed and be helped to BE THE LIGHT YOU ARE! 



  • Feel who is Light & Who is evil

  • Feel who uses black magic 

  • Feel Your Soul Guidance

  • Feel more Truth & Integrity

  • Be in Control of Your Life!


Please do email me if you have any questions about my work -

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