3 Ways to Know if You Really Love Yourself

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Do you love yourself? I mean really love yourself with kindness, caring and compassion? Or are you better at helping others, dishing out lots of love and kindness and then either forgetting yourself or worse still beat yourself up all the time?

I often get asked, 'well how do we know if we really love ourselves?'





  •    Mind - Self Talk - Do you support yourself in your mind or is there constant negative and destructive chatter going on in there?

  •    Body - Do You Value and Look After Your Body? We only have one physical body in this lifetime so we do need to look after it. Are You?
  •    Spirit - Do you support your feelings, emotions and allow yourself time out? Do you feel connected to your soul and allow yourself quiet time to hear the inner guidance, follow your passion and do what makes you happy?




Many kind caring people, mothers in particular, are really good at helping others both physically and emotionally but when it comes to supporting themselves they really fall short. I know this because I was one of them! I would spend hours writing kind, caring and compassionate tips and advice to help others, but then when I had an issue I would be really hard on myself. 

It wasn't until I started to write Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self that I realised just how hard, well in fact plain rude I was being to myself with the self talk and chatter in my head! Since I was writing this book and I knew I needed to walk my talk, I suddenly became so aware of my self talk and had to work hard on changing it. What I found out was that I was subconsciously and unintentionally repeating all the bad and nasty things that others have said to me over the years and repeating them to myself! Like isn't it bad enough that we've heard this from others, do we really need to constantly amplify it to ourselves? Well no of course not! That is the last thing we want. However, I really did find it hard to be kind to myself, so I decided to almost write myself the same advice and tips that I would give someone else and I gradually trained myself to be kind to myself by imagining I was someone else. Rather sad that we may have to do this, but hey if it works and moves us forwards into loving ourselves then it is a great tool to use!


Firstly we have food and nutrition. There is the saying that "we are what we eat" and it is actually so so true. So much of our food has chemicals and toxins in it, so what are eating and drinking?

To really nourish our bodies we do need to be eating healthy food and that really means organic food and fresh food rather than processed food. If you think you can't afford organic food then you are not valuing your body! Filling our bodies with junk and chemicals makes us ill, so loving ourselves means valuing our health enough to buy really good quality food. Processed white sugar, flour and salt are all really bad for our health and they are in all processed food and most drinks too! So time to check your labels and read what you are eating and drinking. It can be shocking process but one which will add years to your life and quality too!

The other way of valuing and honouring our body is to do some exercise, and before you all start to groan, this is intended to be fun and nurturing! So do what you love, walk in nature, go dancing, play catch, football or badminton with friends or your kids and have fun exercising your body. When you do activities that you enjoy it isn't a chore and our bodies will love it even more. You can use inspirational music to make it more fun too! It's also great to have some indoor and outdoor options so you can keep moving whatever the weather. 

If you sit at desk every day then why not set your alarm to beep every hour and get up and have a walk around and a stretch. It has been proven to improve focus and productivity so your bosses should love the idea!


Society is manic and pushing us to our limits and even beyond, so we need time out! Do you spend some quiet time out in nature, by water or at home listening to some relaxing music and connecting to your soul and inner passions? So many people's lives are all rat race and no quality time. Do you even like your job and your life? If not then it's time for some changes!

Fill your mind with peace and let go of all the worries and stress and allow yourself to feel some stillness in your mind, so you can feel how your heart and soul really want you to live. When we are living in tune with our feelings then life becomes so much more enjoyable and we no longer put up with a second rate rat race life.

Start to be aware of yourself, your thoughts, feelings and how you do or don't look after your body. What you do now will reap you good rewards in the future. We are how we treat our mind, body and spirit so time for lots of self love!

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