Shift the Frequency - Projections

Powerful energy work to Shift Out of the Frequency of Being Projected On

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Do you feel your mind is being constantly bombarded with negative thoughts?

Do you feel fear and scary thoughts, images, feelings and sounds are being projected on to you?

If so then I get it because I've been there and that is the reason for these Projection Audios. I was so worn out and done with having my mind being messed with and it seemed the more I released and cleared my energy, the more intense these mind projections became. The feeling I had was that as I was getting freer and freer from other dark energies and entities, the more they were amping up the mind projections, because that was all that was the left, the only was they could get me was by projecting, because they couldn't directly connect or even indirectly connect anymore.

I cannot rave enough about how fantastic these audios are, and those of you who have been with me for years will know that this is not something I say often!

My mind is clear!

What more can I say! I had constant images of things that scare me being projected onto me and appearing in my physical life, I had weird noises making me jump, and the feelings of things touching me and all of this was sending my adrenals into high alert and it was really hard work to stay calm and not freak out. I knew their intention was to send me into panic and paranoia and to lower my frequency so they could attack me again.

I was not going to let that happen! I asked an online friend if they had this going on as well and the answer was yes, so that was confirmation to me that it was attacking energies and needed to be stopped!

These audios have stopped this. You will need to loop them for a few days or longer for them to fully work, but you will need to start slowly as with the other audios, as you don't want any of the projections amped up because too much is releasing on one go.

These projections can be from other people, particularly narcissists who can really drag us down with constant negative insults and put downs, or they can be from invisible energies and unknown places, either way the energy work will work on the root energy / entity that is sending the projections. 

As with wifi, energy and projections need a transmitter and a receiver, so I felt it was really important to work on all the cells and energies in us that are acting as receivers, so we cannot be transmitted to!

The energy work on these audios includes at the start of each audio filling, engulfing, releasing, revoking, transmuting and purifying - past, present and future and through all timelines - so covers it all!

Cosmos Command fill & engulf with Pure Stillness, Pure Love & True Love, & Pure Light & Truth

All energies and cells in your mind & body that have been projected on in the past & all cells and energies in your mind & body that are acting as receivers for projections

Cosmos Command repels & reflects back all energies projecting onto your mind & body, past, present & future through all timelines and all that is.

Purchase Shift the Frequency - Projection Audios

It is stunning to me that projections can be done through so many ways, but there was big energy releasing on black magic, coding, matrix and stored memories for me, so all of these areas have been worked on with these audios.

Shift the Frequency 5 Audio Set

These audios are short, powerful and to the point!

This is my most powerful energy work to date, using my knowledge and experience from the last ten years to create these audios, that really kick a punch and get the job done - kind of like knocking back a triple espresso - so be warned, super powerful!

If you understand energy and frequency then you will know that any frequency that is stored in our energy is attracting like energy to us, so we want to be free of all energies and frequencies that are not working for us and bringing in the good. 

I have designed these audios to Revoke, Release, Disconnect and Delete all frequencies of the energy stored in us from black magic, DNA Coding, The Matrix and past experiences and memories.

I have worked with these releases in remote group work and in personal work with clients and the results have been so positive that I felt I needed to create this energy work as audios so that it can be widely used by all.

The advantage of working with audios is that you can go at your own pace to suit your schedule, either slow and steady or bite the bullet and get it done, just don't overdo it at the start. You can focus on one audio at a time and stick with that audio until you feel the energy is clear, or you can work through all four audios, repeating as needed with the new Cosmos Clear Audio to keep the clearing energies moving out. 

Each audio has been designed to work on a different way that we can have a frequency stored in us, and each of these is very different and needs the specific energy work to shift it out.

  • Revoking Black Magic - Projections

  • Deleting DNA Coding - Projections

  • Disconnecting from the Matrix - Projections

  • Releasing Stored Energies & Memories - Projections

  • Cosmos Clearing

What is true about any issue that we face is that if we have that frequency stored in our energy in some way then we will be either attracting more of it or at best struggling to shift out of it. It is only when we have completely cleared our energy of a frequency that we stop attracting it to us and so these audios have been designed to do just that, clear out all the frequencies of sabotage and attacking from your energy, doing this from different angles so no stone is left un-turned.

Shift the Frequency - Sabotage Audios

  • Each audio is between 1 min 30 secs - 2 mins
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work & 5 Silent Tracks
  • 2 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 
  • Cosmos Clearing Audio is 6 mins & is designed to be played on loop

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