Shift the Frequency - Black Magic

Powerful energy work to Shift Out of Black Magic - Past, Present & Future!

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Black Magic

I have designed these audios to Revoke all frequencies Black Magic - Past, Present and Future - yes I've included future black magic, because I like you, am so done with the constant black magic attacks!

Even with working with my other Shift the Frequency Audios and my previous Releasing Spells Audio, I was still getting attacked with on going black magic and if you have the same going on then you will know it's very draining as well as having to deal with all the attacks.

I have had messages come through for months now, mostly through different tarot readings that I've watched on You Tube that there are whole cults doing black magic death rituals on me, and whilst it was freaking to hear this, I did having the feeling of 'oh yes, I feel it'! It was particularly intense around November - December 2022, coming up to the end of the year, when messages were that contracts were running out so they were going for it! However it continued through the full moons in 2023, so it was time for some serious 'don't get mad get even' action and these audios are that action!

What makes these audios different from my previous Releasing Spells Audio is:

  • My energy is more powerful now so the energy work is more powerful 
  • The wording in the audios is more powerful
  • More powerful silent backing tracks
  • Includes audios for Past, Present & Future!

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Shift the Frequency Audio Set

These audios are short, powerful and to the point!

This is my most powerful energy work to date, using my knowledge and experience from the last ten years to create these audios, that really kick a punch and get the job done - kind of like knocking back a triple espresso - so be warned, super powerful!

If you understand energy and frequency then you will know that any frequency that is stored in our energy is attracting like energy to us, so we want to be free of all energies and frequencies that are not working for us and bringing in the good. 

The advantage of working with audios is that you can go at your own pace to suit your schedule, either slow and steady or bite the bullet and get it done, just don't overdo it at the start. You can focus on one audio at a time and stick with that audio until you feel the energy is clear, or you can work through all four audios, repeating as needed with the new Cosmos Clear Audio to keep the clearing energies moving out. 

Each audio has been designed to work on a different time line to ensure that all black magic is gone from your entire energy and if you keep your frequency high, will not be able to attack and affect you again!

  • Filling & Engulfing Black Magic

  • Revoking Black Magic - Present

  • Revoking Black Magic - Past

  • Revoking Black Magic - Future

  • Cosmos Clearing

I recommend that you work with these audios in this audio, but you can work with Future prior to Past, but know that Past will be anchoring in Future so it all needs to go. 

Cosmos Clearing

It is essential to listen / play this audio at least once after listening to the above audios. The more you play / listen to this audio the clearer you will feel. Listening through headphones will make this (and all my audios) more powerful. 

You can play this audio enough! I have it on loop 24/7 to keep all releasing energies moving out.

Shift the Frequency - Black Magic Audios

  • Each audio is between 2 mins 30 secs - 2 mins 45 secs
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work & 5 Silent Tracks
  • 2 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 
  • Cosmos Clearing Audio is 6 mins & is designed to be played on loop

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