Revoking Demons

  • Are You Feeling Stuck, Attacked, Blocked?

  • Do you feel like something is sabotaging your life?

  • Do you get the opposite of what you desire?

Do you want to be free of this and have good flow to you?

Quite often the cause of an issue is not what we think it is and to get the results we desire we need to address the root cause of the issue.

Most people would probably think that demons belong in horror movies, and whilst that is true many people do feel like their life is or has been pretty much like a horror movie where nothing seems to get better no matter how hard you try.

However many people do feel like the seem to get the exact opposite of whatever they desire and ask for and that when some good does flow in then it is followed by a crash and a truck load of bad! If this sounds familiar to you then your life could be affected by demons sabotaging you and all your efforts to be happy and live free of worry and struggle.

The brightest Lights do get attacked more and this goes back through lifetimes. It seems that those who have made contracts and pacts with demons in order to live the life they desire, have riches and fame can transfer the contracts on to innocent victims so they don't have to live as a slave to the demon when they leave this world and Light souls can be targets to stop their Light shining. This is a huge violation of our free choice and against Natural Universal Law.  

I highly recommend this audio to anyone having a hard time with their life, because from the energy work I've done on myself I do feel that many people are very affected by demons without knowing it. This need to be revoked so we can be free of them and have all our positive intention flow to us instead of the opposite!  

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Revoking demons Energy Work Includes:

'Revoking all contracts, agreements and pacts that have been made between demons and you by trickery or deception, without your consent and against your Free Choice, which violates Natural Universal Law.'

Powerful Silent Layers

There are powerful silent layers to float your energy into the highest vibration to make this energy work as easy as possible to do, and to clear away any leaving energies afterwards.

Audio length -  5 mins 50s

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards.

 It can take several hours to react to an audio, and sometimes energy can still be coming up days later, so I recommend on listening just once a day for several days and then slowly increase the frequency when you know that you're not being overwhelmed with energies leaving. 

When we release dark energies, they usually react and start to attack us, so for this reason I recommend listening / playing my Pure Protection Audio whilst working with any of my audios in this members only group.

If you have any questions regarding your listening experiences then please message me and join the Members Only Audio Support Group, link in email when you purchase.  

You can also search for #ListeningAdvice for articles that I've already posted.

Recommended Audios to Use with this Audio

These audios are incredibly powerful so other audios will be needed to use with this program, to keep the releasing energies moving out of your energy field, and  to maintain the highest frequency possible as and after these energies leave.

Clearing for Intense Energy Work will keep the energies moving out, whilst Pure Protection will repel attacking energies and protect you. A filling audio will keep your energy higher which will make the releasing energy work easier to do. 

These can be played on silent in the background and played on loop once you are used to them. They will be more powerful if you listen through headphones.

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