Pure Protection & Repelling All Evil

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This audio is really is a must have if you are feeling attacked and sabotaged in anyway. I have this audio playing on silent loop 24/7 for protection and I feel it is most needed to keep safe and when working with releasing dark energies and entities, revoking black magic and demons, stopping the attacks and sabotage and to just feel safe. 

The energy work on this audio starts by filling each energy area of your being individually and feeling Pure energies flow to these areas, with Floating in between to really raise your vibration so you will be out of reach of lower, dark attacking energies. 

"Feel Pure Energy, Pure Love, Pure Light & Pure Stillness flow through the Whole of your mind, heart, soul, spirit, emotions, physical human body, energy field, and the whole of your infinite energy now with brilliant, radiant, protective Pure Love, Light and all Pure energy."

Once your whole energy has been raised and filled with Pure energy, a protective sphere of Pure energy is placed around you to protect you from being attacked.

Repelling of all evil is done throughout the audio and is included in the silent backing tracks so evil is being powerfully repelled throughout the whole audio.

A Pure Intention is set that only people and energies with a Pure Intention can connect with you through the protected Pure Sphere. 

The audio ends with:

"I ask that when you play this audio that all space surrounding you and this audio are filled to overflowing with Pure Energies and Pure Protection and these powerful rays of Pure energy and Pure Light are sent out into the world to raise the vibration of the world."

Audio mp3 download - length approx 19 mins

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Soft Echo & Silent Backing Tracks

Soft echo flows between the left and right headphones on certain words, 'Floating, Pure Love, Pure Light' to amplify the power of this energy and also creates a 'dreamy listening' experience, raising your vibration so you move out of the reach of dark and evil energies.

There are very powerful silent backing tracks on this audio including:

  • Ungrounding
  • Floating
  • Repelling All Evil
  • Clearing All Energies
  • Filling with Pure Stillness

These silent layers of powerful Pure energy work enhance the power in the audio and work on deep levels to repel all evil, as well as clearing the releasing energies out of your energy and filling your with Pure Stillness so you feel good throughout the whole audio and energy experience.

This audio can be played on silent loop to keep you and your surroundings repelling evil energies and feeling safe and protected.

To start with treat this audio as a releasing audio as it is very powerful and slowly build up to playing on loop. 

To gain full protection you will need to loop this audio and it works on silent. 

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