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Vaccine Information

Revoke Vaccine Damage

Vaccine Q&A with Mandy 29 April 2021

Pure Intentions - Re Vaccines

Audio Download - Revoking Vaccine Damage

To remove graphene oxide:

  • Antioxidants: Glutathoine & / or Quercetin
  • NAC - N-acetylcysteine
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D3 - 1/2hr in sun daily
  • Milk thistle
  • Melatonin

Healing Viruses / Illness

  • Ivermectin - (Client recommended site -
  • Black Cumin Seed - natural ivermectin
  • Quinine - in tonic water, boil grapefruit skin


Awakening Information

Here are links that you can share with others as they start to wonder what on earth is going on, and statistics are showing that just this last week more people have search about Q and Qanon so some people are wanting to know!

Video Platforms - www.bit

Q The Plan to Save the World Remastered - Rumble

The Q Patriot Hub - List of websites and videos about The Great Awakening

Brand New Tube - Videos banned from You Tube!

What is GESARA - The new coming in!


Intense Energies! - Daily Energy Work

Do keep your protection energy work going, we are approaching the peak of the storm!

Here is the energy work that I recommend as a minimum to be safe during this intense fight and shift from dark to Light:

  • Pure Protection Energy Work - looping my Pure Protection Repelling All Evil Audio or Remote Pure Protection Transmissions
  • Releasing Spells & Curses - looping this audio with the above and Remote Pure Protection Transmissions if this is a big issue for you
  • Clearing Energy Work - This is needed to keep the dark energies leaving and not being felt, I have Clearing Audios that you can loop with the above audios
  • Floating into Pure Stillnes - Keeping your energy high has never been more important! There is a lot of energy / entities / AI programs working to lower your energy, have you in fear, doubt, stress, panic etc. You can listen to my audios to keep your energy high and / or have my Pure Stillness Remote Transmissions.

Protection Energy Work

As well as the video Protection for Qanon & Light Souls, I also have the following energy work and information that will help to keep you all as safe as can be.

Pure Protection and Repelling All Evil

Pure Protection Package (Includes Releasing & Floating above Spells & Curses and more)

Pure Protection Image

Here are some blog articles that you might find useful and interesting:

Being Attacked by Dark Energies? – What Can You Do?

Are You Under Spells & Curses?

How Can I Clear Entities from a Room or My Home?

Healing Shock, Trauma and Abuse - Pure Intentions

Please do remember that Filling and Floating and keeping your energy as high as possible is also really important.

Feeling Peace over Fear

Here is my "3 mins to feel stillness" video, please do give it a like and share it widely so we can really change this pandemic of fear to one of feeling peace and stillness. I'm really being guided to share that we all need to step into our Light Work nowand share the message of choosing peace over fear.

These two audios are great if you would like to spend more time soaking up the peace and stillness energies!

Pure Stillness audio

Pure Relaxation audio

Remote Transmissions


Monthly Pure Energy Transmissions to uplift and support you and your energy.  

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