Ungrounding Audio
Michelle Carter

Ungrounding Audio

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Simple yet Powerful Energy Statements

Make Releasing, Cutting & Disconnecting Energy Work Easier!

Break Free from Grids and Matrices also much Easier!

Feel the lifting and freeing as you listen!

Be Freer & Lighter!


Ungrounding Audio 

Ungrounding is the opposite to what most spiritual people teach and practice so many people are not open to doing this. For those who are open minded enough to try this and feel the results, the benefits are amazing!

I work through feelings and when doing energy work to release, cut and disconnect from dark and evil energies, often the energy would feel really heavy, stuck and anchored down, like it just wasn't going to release and let go. I had the idea to say 'ungrounding' before doing the energy work and I found this had a 'loosening effect' on the 'anchored in' feeling and the energy work become so much easier to do.

Those who have tried this 'ungrounding' energy work have also commented on how amazing it is. We know it goes against all that it taught, but when you feel how much easier and more powerful energy work is when you do this, then you do it!

I've created this audio to be used as a pre-audio to loosen the energies before doing any releasing, cutting, disconnecting or breaking free energy work. It will make the energy work on the audio being played afterwards be so much more powerful and easy to do, and feeling less releasing afterwards too, so really a win-win for us!

Whilst recording and editing the audio I was aware of how powerful it is to play on it's own too, so it's also a great little audio to play when feeling heavy, down or needing a boost into higher energies or to add to any playlist you have of energy work.

You can read more about grounding and how Pure energy flows freely in this blog article: Grounding - Why is it taught?

Audio Content

Audio MP3 download - 8 mins (Can be looped)

This audio has the following statements with some echo going in and out of the left and right headphones. 

Ungrounding, Floating, Pure Stillness

Ungrounding, Floating, Pure Stillness

Ungrounding, Floating, Pure Stillness

Ungrounding, Ungrounding, Ungrounding

Floating, Floating, Floating 

Pure Stillness, Pure Stillness, Pure Stillness

Silent  Layers

The following silent layers have been added to this audio to keep the energies moving out of your energy field. 

The layer of ungrounding is really work in the background to free you from all lower energies that you are connected to.

The floating layer is floating your energy into the highest vibration possible which helps the ungrounding and makes additional energy work easier to do.

Pure Stillness is a very powerful energy as evil cannot exist in Pure Stillness so it acts to repel the dark and lower energies as well as giving you a calmer more peaceful feeling.

The clearing layer is to keep any releasing energies clearing out of your energy field so you don't feel any releasing symptoms going on.

  • Ungrounding
  • Floating
  • Pure Stillness
  • Clearing
If you wish to work very deeply do check out my Cosmos Ungrounding Audio.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ungrounding is Freedom!!!

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for another amazing audio and for your progressive information on why we shouldn't be doing grounding work. I didn't think that I needed to do ungrounding work on myself until I saw how much ungrounding you had to do for the group energy work. Once I bought the audio and started listening to it, I was amazed at how much energy would disconnect and release. It was a relief, followed by calm.

Thank you, once again, for listening to your inner guidance and discerning the truth and sharing that with us!

Ungrounding audio has been a big part of this calmness and peacefulness

Hi Michelle. I have used many of your audios and monthly remote energy transmissions during this spring. My whole perspective has changed now when I look back when I started.

I think that the Ungrounding audio has been a big part of this calmness and peacefulness in my present situation. I cannot describe it fully how wonderful feeling it is to be calm in a nasty situation. I have stressed easily e.g. in a new situation, but now I can handle these type of situations peacefully. Cool!

Thank you so much for all your energy work!