Releasing Fears of Public Speaking
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Releasing Fears of Public Speaking

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Release this Fear of Public Speaking

Enjoy that Wedding Speech

Enjoy your Presentation




Need to Speak in Public and terrified or dreading it?

We might think we can avoid all public speaking, but sometimes it just appears in our lives!

We can spend our lives in dread of ever having to speak in public or we can release the fear and live feeling so much more confident! 

Here are some common times when public speaking is needed:

  • Wedding Speech
  • Work Presentation
  • School Play or Concert
  • Radio or TV Interview
  • Family Function
  • Bigger than usual Speaking or Singing Event

You don't want the fear of speaking in public to ruin your moment or day! Whatever the event, it is much better to be able to relax and enjoy the moment! If you're feeling dread, panic or fear than that isn't going to happen, so why not release all the energies causing the fear and panic and all the physical symptoms too!

No more:

  • Shaking hands when you holding your notes!
  • Sweating and feeling embarrassed that it may show
  • Feeling panic and fear that you will forget your speech or mess up!
  • Blanking and totally forgetting what you need to say
  • Stuttering and stumbling your way through the speech and wishing you could be swallowed up by the floor and disappear!

Yes I have been there! I vowed as a teenager, after giving a really bad speech for an award I'd received, that I would never speak in public again! However life isn't always that easy and whilst training to be a reflexologist I had to give talk to pass my exam. That didn't go well either, so you can imagine my fear when I found myself about to talk live on a tele-summit show to thousands of people!

This is where my energy releasing work came in really handy! I released all my fears and kept filling with Pure Love and Peace and the show was actually much easier than I had thought possible! You can do the same with this amazing audio written to specifically release all the issues that go with having fears of speaking in public, by someone who has been there and resolved the issue! I not only now do regular tele-summit shows but I have also done several video calls too.

This powerful audio will fill you with peace, releasing all feelings and energies causing nerves, butterflies, upset stomach, panic and anxiety that you will mess up and it will go wrong, and fill you with love, peace and joy.

When we are feeling calm we can take a few deep breaths, prepare ourselves for the speech and speak in a calm and confident manner, allowing us to give the best speech ever! Don't let you special day or event be spoiled by nerves and fears, release it now and enjoy your moment!

My audios are multi-layered with 10 layers of healing tracks to make it incredibly powerful for quicker results! 

Audio - mp3 download, Approx length: 2 mins

If you would like to work more deeply then check out my Shift the Frequency - Being Seen Audios

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Great for stage fright

I listen to this one along with Releasing Exam Nerves to help with stage fright. They work really well together.