Reclaim Soul Fragments
Michelle Carter

Reclaim Soul Fragments

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Soul Fragments

You might be wondering what are soul fragments and how does our soul get fragmented, which are good things to consider.The first separation of our soul was with the fall of the angels, when some of the angels in Heaven were ripped apart from their Divine counterpart, resulting in that soul becoming two fragments of the whole. Our souls have most likely had parts separated from us throughout various lifetimes, and this can be through connections and attachments to others, either willing or without our permission. The worst fragments of our soul is when attacks, separation and binding has been done to stop the normal magnetising of our soul fragments back to us.The more attacked you have, the more likely it is that your soul has been very fragmented. 

Reclaiming Soul Fragments

To be in our full Pure Power we need all fragments of our soul back, all in one place and magnetically united, transmuted and purified. The more soul fragments we have, the more scattered our soul is across lifetimes and dimensions etc, the less of our own power we have access to, so reclaiming and reuniting our soul fragments back to us to make us whole is really powerful to do. It can be hard to reclaim and magnetise all our soul fragments back to us when they have been so scattered throughout the Cosmos and in different realms, dimensions and timelines. Very powerful energy work and high frequency is needed to do this, which is what I do on this audio, using my high angelic frequency to call back and reclaim all your soul fragments from everywhere, back to you. 

About This Audio

This audio is reclaiming your soul fragments and transmuting and purifying all energies in and connecting to your soul, working past, present and future and through all realms, dimensions, realities and existences. 

Filling all your soul fragments is done after each set of energy work and then all of this is repeated so you hear it three times, for the power of three. 

 Audio Information

  • This audio is around 6.30 mins
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work
  • 2 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 

 If you would like more information about this audio then please email me.

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing a Clearing Audio afterwards.

It can take several hours to react to an audio, and sometimes energy can still be coming up days later, so I recommend on listening just once a day for several days and then slowly increase the frequency when you know that you're not being overwhelmed with energies leaving. 

Free On Going Support!

This is one issue where you will probably really appreciate some support so do join my FREE Shift the Frequency Support Group, on my private platform. You will receive the link in your welcome email that will follow after purchasing.

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