Cosmos Ungrounding
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Cosmos Ungrounding

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Cosmos Ungrounding



Cosmos Ungrounding

When you feel into the frequency of a word it can have a totally different meaning to what we are told or believe it to have, which means that we can be misled or totally conned into thinking that it's doing something good for us when in actual fact it is not.

This is very true of 'grounding'. The spiritual community believes that grounding is good and needed and it is very widely taught.

When I hear the word 'grounding' I shudder!

The frequency and intention of this word is not good at all.  It is connecting those who do it to dark energies and the Matrix, making it very hard to release and be free of low and dark energies. Attacking and sabotaging energies really use grounding to stop you from being free of them. 

In my energy work, I have come across some very stuck and blocked energy that has felt like it is concrete anchored at the bottom of the ocean and there is no way it's moving! I have needed to do a lot of 'ungrounding' to loosen and free these energies to be able to release, disconnect and get rid of them. 

Using Ungrounding

My clients who have tried this 'ungrounding' energy work and used my earlier ungrounding audio have also commented on how amazing it is. We know it goes against all that it taught, but when you feel how much easier and more powerful energy work is when you do this, then you do it!

I've created this audio to be used as a pre-audio to loosen the energies before doing any releasing, cutting, disconnecting, revoking, deleting or breaking free energy work, and in particular to be played before my Shift the Frequency Audios. It will make the energy work on the audio being played afterwards be so much more powerful and easy to do, and feeling less releasing afterwards too, so really a win-win for us!

This is also a great little audio to play when feeling heavy, down or needing a boost into higher energies, and it can be added to any of your audio playlists and played on loop. 

You can read more about grounding and how Pure energy flows freely in this blog article: Grounding - Why is it taught?

Raising Your Frequency

Raising your frequency is so important because not only does it align us to the frequency of attracting good and manifesting our desires to us, but it also protects us against lower energies and really protects us.

When your frequency is really high, it will repel lower energies and frequencies from you, so it is the best protection you can have, as well as feeling so good to be living in a high frequency.

About This Audio

The wording on this audio is simple and to the point, and repeated for 1.40 mins:

"Cosmos Ungrounding, Cosmos Ungrounding, Cosmos Ungrounding, 

Cosmos Clearing, Cosmos Floating" 

  • This audio is 1.40 mins
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work
  • Silent Pure Love Filling Track
  • Silent Pure Stillness Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track

Audio - mp3 download, Length: 1.40 mins

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