Shift The Frequency - Panic
Michelle Carter

Shift The Frequency - Panic

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Shift Out of the Frequencies of:

  • Panic
  • Stressed Adrenal Glands
  • Stuck in Fight or Flight
  • Panic Attacks


 Frequencies of Panic

Panic is a fight or flight response that warns us of danger and gives us extra adrenalin to flee that dangerous situation, as running away from an attack. The problem is that most of the issues that cause us panic in our modern lives do not require us to physically run away so we do not use up that rush of adrenalin, so we can become stuck in the adrenalin on alert fight or flight mode.

When are adrenals are stressed long term then we can live in a state of flight or flight, stressed adrenals and being easily triggered into panic and panic attacks. This is obviously not our natural state of being and is out of alignment or  disharmony to the state that our body and emotions are naturally aligned to be in.

Stress and panic do build up in our bodies and adrenal glands and get stored, so that over years our adrenal glands become chronically stressed and out of balance and this causes long term exhaustion, illness and just finding life to be a long, constant struggle.

Shifting out of the state of constant panic, high alert and stressed adrenal glands will bring you a sense of calm and peace that you probably have not felt for years. Also a feeling of being safer, because living in panic is living in a state of fear and on high alert. 

Your life will be so much calmer and happier when your adrenals are balanced, you have more energy and are not constantly feeling panic, alarm and unsafe. 

Shift the Frequency 5 Audio Set

These audios are short, powerful and to the point!

This is my most powerful energy work to date, using my knowledge and experience from the last ten years to create these audios, that really kick a punch and get the job done - kind of like knocking back a triple espresso - so be warned, super powerful!

If you understand energy and frequency then you will know that any frequency that is stored in our energy is attracting like energy to us, so we want to be free of all energies and frequencies that are not working for us and bringing in the good. 

I have designed these audios to Revoke, Release, Disconnect and Delete all frequencies of the energy stored in us from black magic, DNA Coding, The Matrix and past experiences and memories.

I have worked with these releases in remote group work and in personal work with clients and the results have been so positive that I felt I needed to create this energy work as audios so that it can be widely used by all.

The advantage of working with audios is that you can go at your own pace to suit your schedule, either slow and steady or bite the bullet and get it done, just don't overdo it at the start. You can focus on one audio at a time and stick with that audio until you feel the energy is clear, or you can work through all four audios, repeating as needed with the new Cosmos Clear Audio to keep the clearing energies moving out. 

Each audio has been designed to work on a different way that we can have a frequency stored in us, and each of these is very different and needs the specific energy work to shift it out.

  • Deleting DNA Coding -  Panic
  • Revoking Black Magic -  Panic
  • Disconnecting from the Matrix -  Panic
  • Releasing Stored Energies & Memories -  Panic
  • Cosmos Clearing

What is true about any issue that we face is that if we have that frequency stored in our energy in some way then we will be either attracting more of it or at best struggling to shift out of it. It is only when we have completely cleared our energy of a frequency that we stop attracting it to us and so these audios have been designed to do just that, clear out all the frequencies of sabotage and attacking from your energy, doing this from different angles so no stone is left un-turned.

Deleting DNA Coding - Panic, Stressed Adrenal Glands, Stuck in Fight or Flight, Panic Attacks

We have all the wisdom and knowledge of the universe stored in our DNA - amazing fact for you!

However, we also have all the dark, bad and ugly stored there too which is working against us. It's like having a computer program running inside of you that is attracting bad to you and constantly putting negative and unwanted thoughts in your mind.

Deleting the DNA code frequency is so powerful.

Can you imagine the frequency of that internal coding no longer affecting you? That is very powerful and something that just needs doing!  

Revoking Black Magic - Panic, Stressed Adrenal Glands, Stuck in Fight or Flight, Panic Attacks

This revoking Black Magic audio is working on the frequency of all spells, curses, witchcraft, black magic and hexes so it covers a lot!

In the past I have done energy work to release and revoke specific spells that have been done or spells done by specific people, as well as working on all spells and black magic being done. It makes sense to me that revoking the whole frequency of black magic is going to stop you being a flashing target for more of the same. We need this frequency gone from us to stop being a target and that is the purpose of this audio to revoke and remove all frequencies of spells, curses, witchcraft, black magic and hexes from your energy.

Disconnecting from the Matrix - Panic, Stressed Adrenal Glands, Stuck in Fight or Flight, Panic Attacks

The Matrix is  like an energetic spider's web that magnetically connects us all to each other and each other's unwanted bad habits and energies. This has a massive magnifying affect on any issue making it harder to release it.

If we don't disconnect from the Matrix then we are working on releasing all the energy of everyone connected to the Matrix, which is just too huge to do!

Releasing our own stored energy becomes a doable task once we have disconnected our energy from the Matrix energy. 

Releasing Stored Energies & Memories - Panic, Stressed Adrenal Glands, Stuck in Fight or Flight, Panic Attacks

 All our past experiences and memories, in this life and past lives, are stored in our body and energy field. All these negative experiences and memories can haunt us and keep us stuck in a life that we don't want. 

Releasing all the stored energy and memories, past and present is like putting down a heavy weight and feeling free, lighter, happier and feeling that we can finally live the life we desire and have always wanted!

Shift the Frequency -  Audios

  • Each audio is between 1.50 mins - 2.17 mins
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work
  • 2 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 
  • Cosmos Clearing Audio is 6 mins & is designed to be played on loop

 If you would like more information about these audios then please email me.

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