Releasing Lack of Wealth
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Releasing Lack of Wealth

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Money not flowing?

Do You Have Hidden Blocks?

Do you have deep seated beliefs that you just don't understand?


Releasing Lack of Wealth 

There can be so many hidden blocks and barriers to do with lack, poverty, earning money, receiving wealth, feeling having money is bad, or if we are Divine then we shouldn't have lots of money. 

Often we have blocks that we don't even know about that are stopping us from receiving wealth, which is why this audio is so powerful, as it releases on all blocks that are preventing wealth and abundance flow to you!

You can really feel the energy shifting as you listen to this audio and will be surprised at how many stored blocks you have! 

Past lives can hugely affect our ability to receive and have effortless flow in our lives. Whether you believe in past lives or not these blocks can still be affecting your life now.

As well as releasing all blocks that are preventing wealth and abundance flow to you, this audio also releases common beliefs and emotions that stop us from being open to receiving wealth including: 

  • Lack, scarcity, poverty, & all beliefs such as
  • I can't afford it
  • I'll never be rich
  • There's never enough
  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • Not having enough
  • Not being good enough
  • Not being worthy  
  • Not deserving to have
  • I'm not good enough
  • I don't deserve it 

It also releases the following patterns, beliefs and programming regarding money:

  • It's hard making money
  • Money goes out quicker than it comes in
  • I'm no good at making money
  • I'm not successful
  • I'm not lucky
  • I'll never be rich

The actual energy releasing is done silently so you can focus on the filling backing tracks and so your subconscious mind can't interfere with the process!

Includes filling with Divine Light & Divine Joy

The audio has 10 layers of multi-layered backing tracks making the energy work more powerful and keeps the releasing energies clearing out.

Audio - mp3 download, Length Approx: 4 mins

If you would like to work more deeply then check out my Shift the Frequency - Lack Audios

"Filling with Divine Light and Wealth. I've only been listening for a week and already I'm seeing divine results. I feel very protected. Today, after listening to Wealth only a few times this week, I discovered that an hour and a half of pay is owed me and my company is giving me an extra $25 in my pay check for every 2 hours of overtime I sign up for. I had already signed up for 2 hours, so I get an extra $25. I was hesitant to buy Divine Light because the budget is so tight this week due to missing some work during a blizzard, but now I have the money, plus a little more. I have Divine Light, which is abundant. Thank you, Michelle. A million and one thank you's!"  -  Cheryl (USA)


"Hey Michelle, been listening to the wealth audio and today got an unexpected £50 from my dad and this month was going to be tight so really happy!" :)  -  YV (UK)


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